Sports Spirit Items for Cheering LoudlyIf you have ever watched golf or a tennis match, then you know the etiquette is for the fans to stay quiet. A muted version of clapping is encouraged after a great swing or play.

You don’t find golf or tennis fans yelling through megaphones or banging together noisemakers such as thundersticks or hand clappers. You’ll notice them very calmly observing and paying attention to every detail of play.

Now, switch gears and think about a football or basketball game and you have the complete opposite reaction from the fans. They are loud during all times of play. As a matter of fact, if you asked them to quiet down, there would likely be uproar like what happened when the Houston Astros fans were asked to quiet down.

Fans at football, basketball, baseball, and soccer games are extremely loud while they cheer on their favorite team. Sometimes it’s true there are fans that are overly annoying, but most of the time, it’s just good, clean fun. It is actually a great stress-relieving activity for some people to just scream and yell.

If you really want to get your fans screaming and cheering even louder, you must have available the right spirit items. Team spirit items such as megaphones, thundersticks, stadium horns, and hand clappers are great noisemakers to encourage more noise. However, some schools and stadiums actually ban certain noisemakers, so make sure you know the rules of your stadium BEFORE ordering. Simple, traditional stadium items such as promotional pom poms and megaphones have a way of getting more people to cheer louder without artificial noise.

Below are several popular team spirit items that will certainly have your fans cheering loudly. No more golf clapping at your games. Let the decibel level rise!

Noisemaker Spirit Items



These are fan favorites for making noise. You simply inflate the two sticks and bang them together to make a booming noise. Once you get several hundred pair of thundersticks going at the same time, you can really disrupt the concentration of the opposing team.

These are great for fundraising because of the popularity of these fun spirit items. They also have a huge area to print your team mascot and name or business sponsor logos.

Promotional Hand ClappersHand Clappers

These are classic noisemakers that have been around for years, but there is something fun about shaking this noisemaker back and forth to make the hands clap. It brings out the juvenile in each of us, plus it helps make a lot of noise to cheer on your team. These are great for a minimal team mascot or company logo to be printed on the hands. They are always great sellers to raise money for your team.

Cow Bells NoisemakersCow Bells

Have you ever been in a stadium when fans were ringing cow bells? They produce a unique experience of noise that is distracting enough to rattle the most experienced sports teams. Mississippi State University is one of the college teams that has a long tradition of ringing cow bells at football games and opponents hate the sound because it affects their concentration. That’s why these are such great noisemakers for your team. Arm your fans with cow bells and help cheer your team to victory.

Custom Cheering MegaphonesMegaphones

Nothing gets the voices of your fans louder than cheer megaphones. These simple, plastic megaphones are low-cost to fit within tight budgets and they promote not only louder yelling, but also more yelling. There is a large imprint area on each side to support your team mascot, as well as local business sponsors. You can choose from many colors to best fit your team colors. An optional popcorn cap is available if you want to upsell these megaphones filled with popcorn from your concession stand.

Bang A Banner - Stadium Noisemakers Bang A Banners

If you are looking for a unique school spirit item, these Bang A Banners are three products in one: a banner, hand fan, and noisemaker! They are printed in full color with your custom design on both sides. When folded, they make a great hand fan and simply by banging the fan against your hand, they make a loud noise to distract your opponents and cheer on your team. These fun products are made of white paper board and are 11″ x 18″ in size.

Bam Hands NoisemakersHand Bams

These are certainly unique stadium noisemakers. But they don’t have to be used only at the stadium; they can be used at political rallies, protest events, pep rallies, and more! To make noise with this product, you only need one HandBam. Simply slide the inflatable noisemaker on your hand like a glove and compress your hand and open quickly to make noise. These have a very generous imprint area (all over the product). Pricing includes full coverage printing over a white product.

No matter what stadium noisemaker you choose to give away or sell at your games, you can’t make a bad choice. The main point is to promote your fans getting more involved and being loud. Loud and rowdy crowds intimidate the visiting teams giving your team true home field advantage.

All of these sport noisemakers are great for fundraising. Simply solicit business sponsorships from your local area and have their logos printed on the spirit items along with your school mascot and team name. By having business sponsors pay for the costs of the school spirit items, your booster club can make 100% profit upon selling the items.

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