How Banks Could Promote Low Interest Rates

Banks everywhere are advertising some of the lowest rates we’ve seen in a long time. If your bank is among them, why not get out there and promote those rates? As things begin to open back up, more people will be out and there will be more of an opportunity to advertise your rates. Purchasing bank promotional products can assist with promoting those low rates. 

Whether you have giveaways for the customers that come into your bank, through the drive-up, or at events in your area, having promotional products handy will help get the word out.

Today, so many people are holding tight to their money because of COVID-19 and the financial crisis it caused. People are worried about how they’ll make ends meet or they’re waiting for the other shoe to drop and things to get bad again.

This is a great time for anyone to refinance, buy a home, or take out a personal loan at some of the lowest interest rates the industry has seen.

How could your bank advertise its low rates? Check out our favorite ideas below.

Advertising Savings with Piggy Banks

Nothing says ‘bank’ like a piggy bank, right? Our custom piggy banks come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Get creative with your bank promotional products…’Save your Pennies with our Low Refinance Rates,’ or ‘Save Some Coin on your Mortgage/Personal Loan.’

You get the idea – use the idea of ‘saving’ with the piggy bank. It’s a play on words, but it’s sure to get the attention of your customers. Offer a free piggy bank with every refinance, new mortgage, or personal loan or purchase mini piggy banks and give them away to customers that inquire about a new loan.

The idea is to get the word out. Today, people are so worried to make any financial changes, but knowing that rates are low may entice certain people to move forward with a refinance or even a personal loan.

Use the piggy banks as bank promotional products – something to catch customers’ attention as they walk into the bank. Give them reason to take pause and ask about what’s going on – chances are many aren’t aware!

Add up the Savings with Calculators

Want to advertise ‘adding up the savings’? Why not give calculators as a part of your promo? Use the slogan ‘Add up the Savings’ and let customers see how much they can save by refinancing. With interest rates continually dropping, it’s a great time to refinance.

Our large selection of calculators are customizable and come in a variety of sizes. From desk calculators to flip calculators and everything in between, we have calculators for all of your needs. We even have multi-tool calculators that have many functions – all great ways to advertise your bank and its low rates.

Encourage New Home Buyers with Housing Related Giveaways

Are you trying to increase your list of new home buyers? Many buyers are still hesitant to move forward given the state of the economy, so they may need a little coaxing. Many don’t realize the drastic drops interest rates have made, or that banks are ready and waiting for them to apply for a mortgage.

With the economy opening back up, you can welcome potential homebuyers back with free giveaways. We have a large selection of ‘housing related’ gifts that are great for use to bring in new homebuyers.

A few of our favorite include:

  • Give away the 18 ounce House Coffee Mug. New homeowners can enjoy a hot cup of coffee in your bank-branded coffee mug when they choose you for their financing. Use the mug in your advertising and let bank customers know that rates are low and the time to buy a home is now.
  • New homeowners love the House Measuring Tape Key Ring. What better place to put the keys to their new home than on a new key ring shaped like a house? As a bonus, the key ring has a measuring tape in it, which is great for all of the tasks new homeowners will have to do.
  • Hand out the 4 x 4 House Notepad to potential homeowners. With your bank’s name and phone number on it, they’ll have your information handy when they find a home and are ready to move forward with the mortgage. Homebuyers tend to take their time making a decision, but once they do, they need to move fast. Having your name in front of them increases the chances that they’ll use you for their mortgage.

Other Great Bank Promotional Products

The sky is the limit when advertising your bank. While the traditional giveaways like stress toys and fidget spinners are great, banks can capitalize on a variety of other giveaways including:

  • Cell phone wallets – The ‘Banker Cell Phone Wallets’ advertise your bank name and stick to the back of a cellphone. This offers great advertisement opportunities since most people bring their phones out wherever they go. The wallet holds credit cards and other slim items, making it easier to be out and about without feeling bulky.
  • Portable power bank – No one has too many cell phone chargers, there’s no such thing. The portable power bank charger is another great way to advertise your bank and remind customers to use your bank for their home buying, refinancing, or personal loan needs. Give away chargers to customers that come in for a prequalification or that inquire about rates. It’s a small incentive for them to choose you over the other banks in the area.
  • Gumball coin bank – What a cute way to welcome new homebuyers! The Gumball Coin Bank stands 8” tall and holds up to 14 ounces of gumballs or small candy. When customers put their coins in, it saves them, like a piggy bank would. Use the gumball bank to bring attention to today’s low rates. The colorful candy will catch customers’ attention and prompt them to ask you for more information about your loan programs.

Dealing with Competition

Competition is fierce today. With COVID-19 closing in on the economy and forcing the housing industry to come to a halt, it feels as if many people are testing the waters, slowly. They’ll need encouragement to come out and apply for a mortgage again. Especially with the qualification requirements somewhat tightening in the face of the economy shutting down.

You need a way to show that you stand apart from the competition. You need customers to know that you not only have low interest rates, but you also offer excellent customer service, have flexible loan programs, and can work with people in many different financial situations.

As you welcome homebuyers, homeowners, and even consumers looking for a personal loan back into the bank, having small promotional giveaways is a nice touch to encourage them to not only get back into the housing game, but to trust you as their go-to source.

The extra little touches you can add to the situation, the easier it is to bring in a larger customer base. Low interest rates may be enticing, but sometimes customers need a little more encourage. Give customers a reason to sit down with a banker or loan officer and learn more. Chances are once they sit down with you, they will understand the amazing opportunity that lies before them rather than just guessing what’s going on and avoiding refinancing or buying a home.

Contact us Today for Bank Promotional Products

We offer a large selection of giveaways that are affordable and effective. We personalize each product exactly how you want it, with your bank name, phone number or any other contact information. Do you want a specific loan officer’s name on the products or an advertisement about low rates? The sky is the limit – you tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen!

We are here for you as you build your business back up. We know banks and financial institutions slowed down for a while, but things are looking up. It’s time to get your advertisements out there and let customers know that you’re here for them. Help them save money and buy their dream home or refinance their current home. There’s plenty of money to be saved, now let’s get customers out there to know what opportunities lie before them!

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