How Exercise Resistance Bands Can Help You Stay Fit During the Pandemic

If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably struggled both mentally and physically during this pandemic. When you’re stuck at home almost all day every day, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay active and eat healthy foods.

The longer you sit on your couch doing your work remotely, the harder it is to get up from the couch.

However, if you’re ready to start taking care of your physical fitness again, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to run to the nearest gym or purchase expensive weights and racks.

Getting back in shape while you’re at home in the pandemic may actually be easier than you think, all because of exercise resistance bands.

If you haven’t heard of these before, they are elastic bands (similar to a large rubber band) that can be used in a wide variety of exercises and stretches.

These bands are lightweight, easily stored, and portable, and are much more affordable than typical gym equipment and cardio machines.

Exercise resistance bands are often used in physical therapy because they are gentle on the joints and the way these bands are made allows you to be in complete control of the stress and pressure put on your muscles.

So get up off the couch, and let’s talk about why it’s time for you to order some exercise resistance bands!

Easy Storage

While it may not seem like a big deal that exercise resistance bands can be easily stored, try storing weights and other exercise machines. You will quickly become grateful for the size, lightness, and ease of storing and moving exercise resistance bands.

It can be exhausting trying to make room for a new treadmill or a squat rack, and then, it is an eye-sore in the middle of your garage. It takes up so much space, and if you decide you aren’t too fond of it, now you have a giant machine just taking up space in your home.

Resistance bands are so small that they can be easily thrown into a drawer and out of sight. No one wants their exercise equipment to be a hassle, and with exercise resistance bands, they won’t be!

Can be used anytime, anywhere

With weights, cardio machines, and other equipment, you can’t just take them somewhere else and do your workout at your convenience.

This problem is solved with resistance bands because you can use them anywhere at any time! No one wants to have to go to a gym to work out when you can sit almost anywhere in your home and complete your workouts.

The transferability and ease of exercise resistance bands are just another perks amongst many with this exercise equipment. Exercising can feel like such a hassle, but exercise resistance bands make things simple and convenient, making you much more likely to do your workouts regularly and consistently.

Adaptable for any muscle group

At this point, you may be thinking “well what can I do with exercise resistance bands?”

To keep it short and sweet: everything!

Exercise resistance bands can be used for virtually any and every muscle group you want to work on, making them extremely versatile and useful.

Many exercises that can be done with regular weights, or calories that could be burned on a treadmill, can also be done with exercise resistance bands.

Even if you buy a set of exercise resistance bands and aren’t sure where to start, a simple Google search for exercises to be done with these bands will give you an endless list of options and ideas for how to use your new equipment.

There’s no need to worry about what you can do and what muscle groups you can workout with exercise resistance bands because you can do almost anything. Even typical bicep curls normally done with free weights can be done with resistance bands instead.

More cost-friendly than alternative equipment

Investing in the proper exercise equipment to start taking care of your physical health can be very expensive, and isn’t exactly a quick return on investment.

Even purchasing and maintaining a gym membership can be very costly, especially if you want a nice, clean gym, which can be difficult to find during the pandemic. Many people don’t even feel safe going to a public gym during this time as it is.

If you know for a fact that you need to do your workouts at home, there’s no need to look towards cardio machines, racks, and weights. Don’t waste your money!

The much more cost-friendly alternative for this is to buy exercise bands. They are much more affordable and can basically do everything the other equipment can do, meaning you won’t be missing out whatsoever.

Exercise resistance bands typically come in different resistance strengths like “light”, “medium”, and “heavy”. These allow you to vary the resistance used and will still ensure you can challenge yourself when certain exercises and resistances become too easy.

This also means that most likely, you will only be investing in 3-5 resistance bands, and those will allow you to meet your goals and stay fit, all while working from home!

There’s no need to break the bank when you decide that your physical fitness could use some attention, and exercise resistance bands will ensure that you don’t.

Powerhouse equipment

Ultimately, exercise resistance bands are the powerhouse of exercise equipment.

They have a variety of weights to ensure you can always challenge yourself, and they can also do almost everything that the other equipment can, and more!

Not only that, but they are much more affordable, and are much less likely to injure you than regular equipment.

Living through a pandemic is stressful enough as it is, so when you decide to focus on your physical fitness, there’s no need to add more stress to your life.

Exercise resistance bands will allow you to meet your goals from home, at your convenience, safely, conveniently, and without emptying your bank account! What more could you ask for from exercise equipment?

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