How to Make Sure Your Patients Come to Their Dentist Appointment

With National Dental Health Month coming up in February, it’s time to make sure your office is ready for this promotional opportunity. This is a great time to change up your usual appointment reminders to make sure that you get a higher rate of attended appointments for 2020. 

Making sure that your regular patients schedule appointments is fairly easy, since they can usually schedule their next appointment while they are still in the office. However, if your office is like most oral care providers, you see most patients twice per year. Scheduling this far in advance can allow patients forget about their appointments and end up unable to attend. Here’s 4 easy ways to make sure that your patients remember their appointments:

Send a reminder at least a week in advance. Many working professionals need at least a week to make sure their schedules are cleared and that there won’t be conflicts with work or childcare. If you want to make sure your patients come to their appointment, remind them well in advance. This will help them to rearrange their schedule or call and change their appointment. 

Warn patients before they get a cancellation fee. If your policy is to charge patients for less than 24-hour cancellation notice, then make sure to send them a text message at least 26 hours in advance. This should give them enough time to check for last minute conflicts and get in touch with your office if a cancellation or change of schedule is necessary. This will help to prevent no-shows, and patients will certainly appreciate your considerate reminder. 

Keep your patients constantly reminded of your office throughout the year with promotional items. Patients are much more likely to remember an appointment if they see your logo every time they brush their teeth with the promotional toothbrush you gave them. Promotional items like the ones below will make sure patients don’t forget to check their calendars for their next appointment with you.

Make sure patients write down when their appointment is by giving them custom printed appointment cards or a custom designed calendar with their appointment already written into it. These calendars can easily be used at home or in their office, and then when it comes time for their appointment, they will be sure to remember it. Not to mention, when patients are using these calendars with your logo, their coworkers or family members will see it and be exposed to your brand also. It’s the perfect way to help your existing patients while also marketing to potential new patients. 

If you aren’t sure if your logo is quite ready for feature on these products, contact us today for graphic design services. If you’re ready to start ordering your dental promotional products, either check out our website or get personalized help with your promotional plan!

Bailey Toole
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Bailey Toole is the Marketing Manager at Perfect Imprints. Bailey is specialized in digital marketing and social media content development. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family at the beach and tailgating for Auburn football games.