How To Make Use Of Tech Promotional Products As A Growing Business

Tech promotional products play a huge role in today’s marketing, because technology is so important now. It’s integrated into almost everyone’s life on a daily, second-to-second basis. More than 2.65 billion in the world use social media and this number is projected to be around 3.1 billion by the year 2021. There are 3.5 million smartphone users worldwide, which means every third person owns one─ yes even some children!

These numbers are just small pieces to the pie of the power of technology. But what’s really important for business owners is the fact that they can benefit from this within their marketing. Using tech promotional products for your company is a great way to engage a variety of audiences.

Attract more customers by bringing your business up to speed with some digital gear and electronics. Keep reading this guide on how to make use of tech promotional items as a growing business.

Why Use Tech Promo Products?

If you’re reading this article, more than likely it’s from a mobile device, computer or tablet. We’ve become more than accustomed to using technology every day to get us through our lives. Although there are things that we can still do without it, the advancement of technological concepts and products has definitely made life a lot easier and more convenient.

So, how does this apply to your business? Well, here’s the thing─ when it comes to marketing, one of your main objectives is to be seen. A great way to do that is to run campaigns and use items that people gravitate towards.

In this case, tech promotional products are the perfect catch because they’re relevant, vast and practical. Most people will find a use for them, which is a good sign that they won’t just get thrown away once they get home or during a spring cleaning session.

Adding tech products to your next campaign can help to position your company as up-to-date, high quality and cool. Keep in mind, you don’t have to be in the technology, engineering or related industry to use them. These products work well across a wide range of industries.

You should start taking advantage of them sooner than later.

How to Use Promotional Tech Items?

If you’ve decided to include tech promotional products in your next marketing campaign, then you’re already on a good track. However, you might be confused as to how exactly you can use them effectively. The good news is that they’re versatile and flexible enough to fit into many different scenarios no matter what type of business you have.

One of the easiest ways to include these futuristic products into your promotions is to run tech giveaways. For instance, you can use social media to speak directly to your followers and put the word out. Give clear calls to action that encourage lots of engagement, such as “tag two friends” or “repost this image”.

Choose a tech product to give away that most people would love to win for free. Then, have your company name printed on it. This event gives you a chance to grow your following and send promotional gifts (that could potentially be shared and seen by many more people).

Another way to use technology items is to give them out at a conference. They’ll probably have a great response at an event that is in a related industry. However, honestly, they’ll do well in almost any type of environment.

During events, keep smaller promotional items on the table within reach for people to grab when they go by. For larger items, consider giving away raffle tickets or having them sign their name on an email list sign-up sheet to receive one.

If you are a tech-oriented company or in a related field, consider running classes, workshops or your own events related to the products. This will give you a chance to use all of your branded items during the event and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

There is an unlimited amount of creative ways that you can include tech promotional products into your marketing efforts. For some more specific ideas, check out this list of specific products and ways you can use them.

Bluetooth Speakers

You don’t need to be a music professional (or you could be) to benefit from Bluetooth speakers. At the next event, bring out your speakers and play some tunes. Consider adding to your spectacle by choosing one that features flashing LED lights.

Customers will flock to where you are with this type of show going on. Bluetooth speakers are portable stereos that most people won’t pass on.

Headphones & Earbuds

Headphones are a classic electronic that most people still put to very good use. These are great gifts to giveaway for any audience. They work especially well for fitness brands and music and entertainment companies.

There’s a huge selection for every type of person. You can choose from noise-canceling headphones, retractable cords, and wireless Bluetooth buds.

Another good part about headphones and earbuds is that they usually come with cases and storage devices. This is another great spot to put your logo on when people aren’t wearing them.

Phone Chargers

Phone chargers are never going out of style─ unless, of course, we switch over to solar-powered or self-charging mobile devices. In any case, it’s probably safe to say that they’ll be around for a while and anyone with a phone will need one.

Using chargers as one of your tech promotional products is a great investment. Even if people already have one, you can never have too many chargers. Car chargers are another version of this idea that is useful as well.

Still not sure this is the right choice? Read our blog post on 7 Reasons to Give Customized Phone Chargers.

For more info on QI phone chargers: click here. 

Phone Cases

Phone cases are important for keeping one of peoples’ most prized possessions covered and safe. The thing is that everyone started to get really creative with them and began to use this phone accessory as another form of expression.

Nowadays you can find people going crazy over quirky, unique phone cases. Some are plain and silicone while others are realistic and oddly-shaped. Either way, phone cases are great ways to promote your company. They have functional use and enough space to print your company name and logo large enough for everyone to see.

Screen Cleaners

You may not have thought of this product but screen cleaners are exactly what many people in society need. Most people stare at and interact with a screen throughout a good amount of the day. This means that they come into contact with germs and bacteria all the time.

Screen cleaners can help with keeping their devices sterile and polished. These handy little items are pocket-sized (typically made of microfiber cloth) and durable.

Waterproof Pouches

Besides keeping devices covered and cleaned, people also like to keep them dry. Waterproof pouches are great for promoting to clients during summer events or at vacation spots.

Some pouches are even functional with a touch-thru feature so that you can continue to use your phone while it’s still in the cover. Most of them also include lanyards that allow for easy wearing.

Phone Stands & Holders

Nowadays, many people like to watch videos and movies on their phones. A great tech promotional item is phone stands and holders. These products can be used for a wide variety of reasons.

Phone stands and holders have definitely gotten more advanced over the years. You can now find all different shapes, sizes, and styles. There are stands that have suction features, attach to surfaces, turn into chargers and even have attached speakers.

Find some unique stands to give out to your clients for promotion. The more multipurpose they are, the better.

Tech Bags & Cases

People that travel with their electronics a lot always need a way to carry them around. Providing customized tech bags and cases to them is a great way to promote your company domestically and internationally. They’ll always have your company name and logo on the go! This is the perfect gift for those employees that travel often.

Stylus Pens

In general, pens are one of the greatest traditional items for advertising a business. In today’s world, we have another type of pen for those wanting tech promotional products.

Stylus pens are cool writing devices that function with your mobile screens. They’re easy to distribute and practical.

Webcam Covers

Most people don’t think about their privacy when it comes to their laptop camera. Educating them and providing webcam covers can be a tiny solution to a potentially larger issue.

These little covers are simply placed over the computer cameras to help protect users from cams that may still be active even when they think they aren’t. Cybersecurity is important and this is a simple way to address it and promote your company.


Although laptops are widely used, many people still use desktops (especially for work). Mousepads are still relevant and much needed for people that want smoother traction for their pointer navigation.

Mousepads are perfect for advertising because they have large surfaces and can print a variety of colors, textures, and images easily. They also come in different sizes and shapes, which can be cut out into customized figures that can best represent your business.


This might be amongst the coolest tech promotional products that you’ll put your logo on. Drones are one of the hottest and most innovative technology commodities on the market. There are tons of different ways and markets to use them in, including photography, military, and even agriculture.

Drones are a great promo item because of the curiosity people have for them. Mini drones are great starter gadgets for people interested in learning to fly drones. These cool devices come with Wifi and GPS capabilities.

There’s also another opportunity for you to advertise your company on the controller since they’re remote-controlled.

Innovative SmartProducts

In case you want to break the mold with your tech promotional products, there are a few ideas that can set you apart from the crowd. These items are innovative and modern. You might want to consider putting your logo across them just for the attention they’ll attract.

Here are a few:

  • Two-way trackers (BlueTooth device great for finding keys, luggage, etc.)
  • WiFi smart plug
  • Smart scale

These gifts give you another good opportunity to educate your clients and spark conversation.

Fitness Trackers

The fitness industry is worth billions of dollars and still growing. People value their health and have gotten very accustomed to utilizing technology to help them reach their fitness goals.

Offering a tech promotional product that can help them with their health and wellness is a clever way to get people to notice and engage with your business. These active gadgets are great for tracking stats like heart rate, sleep, and steps (pedometer).

Clients will surely find a use for these beneficial gifts. For other useful fitness promos, click here.

RFID Blockers

RFID (radio-frequency identification) is an identification system that uses an electromagnetic field to track tags that are attached to objects. The problem occurs when people’s personal information is susceptible to this.

You can give your customers technology promo products that help to block these frequencies to protect their identity. The blocking effect can come in different forms of products, such as wallets, hard cases, pouches, card sleeves, backpacks and travel cases. When people place their belongings in these protective items, their information is secured.

Add Tech Promotional Products to Your Marketing Today

The future seems bright for companies that can keep up with advancing demands. Including tech promotional products in your marketing helps to position your company as one of them.

Show potential and existing customers that you are committed to being innovative and want to give them relevant experiences with your promotions. Consider adding these upgraded products to your advertising arsenal.

To start custom printing on the best tech products for your company, contact us today.

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