How to Prepare your Company for a Football Season Giveaway

How to Prepare your Company for a Football Season Giveaway

 The late-night lights of summer are beginning to fade, but stadium lights are just getting ready to be turned on. Football season is preparing for a comeback, and we can already feel the buzz and excitement awaiting its arrival. This football season, will you go for two or fumble a great opportunity?
Whether your consumers choose to partake in an in-person football game or at home, there is one thing that they are sure to enjoy in either location: a tailgate. Help your company score a game-winning touchdown by taking this opportunity to infuse your brand into every aspect of a tailgate party. Giveaways, in-store or on social media, are great ways to create buzz around your business. Pairing one with a season that already has such a large presence around it is sure to help your company stand out. Below, you will find a great collection of promotional marketing items that are sure to help your company make a first down this fall.

Branded Coolers

A necessity at every tailgate, coolers are the perfect item to include in your giveaway because even after football season is over the winner(s) will be able to enjoy repeat usage of this marketing item. Coolers offer the opportunity for a larger image display or logo design than some other giveaway items, so utilize this to your advantage and make something that makes people remember your brand. A surefire way for your company to complete the pass would be to package up the giveaway in the cooler and get your consumers interested in winning a cellophane-wrapped prize.


No tailgate would be complete without something to help keep the drinks cold. Koozies are a crucial giveaway item because your winner will most likely not need to keep more than two to three of them, which means that the rest will go home and be used by an even larger spread of current and potential consumers. A koozie is also a great item to have on hand throughout the football season to pass out to other consumers who may have visited in office or in-store; they are thoughtful promotional items that your consumers will make use of. 

Bottle Openers

No one wants to call a penalty on the fun at a tailgate–however, when someone loses the sole bottle opener, a red flag will surely be drawn. Be proactive and include a branded bottle opener in your giveaway basket so that your consumers’ fun can keep going all game long. Bottle openers are a great giveaway item because they are not a useless promotional product that no one can get use out of. Similar to the cooler, a bottle opener can provide repeat usage long after the next five football seasons are over.

Custom Stadium Cups

To take one more item off of a consumer’s tailgate to-do list and to insert your company into another piece of the party, consider adding a few stacks of customizable stadium cups (you have the option to make them disposable). These cups are a thoughtful way of crossing off another item that a consumer will need to buy for a tailgate and a great way to get your company into every drink of the evening.

Get Your Customized Football Promotional Gear Now

We hope you enjoyed our suggested list of promotional products. At Perfect Imprints, we look forward to assisting your company in all of its football season needs. Be the MVP of the night and tackle these stellar deals now

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