The world of marketing is constantly developing and improving, which can make it tricky to keep up with the new trends and stay relevant.

One of the best ways to do this is with PR items that people can use in their everyday lives.

A great example of how you can do this is with exercise bands.

Exercise bands are a very unique PR item to take advantage of, and will promote your business while encouraging physical fitness with customers, employees, and anyone who uses them!

These items are relatively new in terms of exercise equipment, and are a great addition to any exercise expert, and are a great way to start exercising regularly for those who don’t already.

Many are nervous to go to a public gym during the pandemic, and it can be pricey to buy gym equipment to use at home. What’s the solution for that? Exercise bands.

It can also be difficult to promote your business during these times, so introducing PR that can be used at home and easily is the best way to do it!

What are exercise bands?

If you’ve ever been to physical therapy, or cardio machines and weights aren’t your preferred form of exercise, you’ve likely seen these before.

Exercise bands are great for people of all ages and fitness levels and are one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment you can own.

They are used in physical therapy practices because they are easily controlled by the user, gentle on joints, and are unlikely to cause injury or strain on your muscles.

These bands are still useful to those who regularly frequent the gym as well because they have varying levels of resistance.

Often with regular weightlifting or other forms of physical recreation, there are only so many exercises you can do with them. Exercise bands can be used for countless exercises, and you can do an entire full-body workout with that one piece of equipment.

When you consider how lightweight they are, easy to transfer, and how little space they take up in storage, these are perfect for use anywhere. They’re perfect for the ongoing pandemic, and can easily be used at home. There’s no reason being at home should prevent someone from getting in their exercise!

How to use them

A better question for exercise bands is how can you NOT use them?

One of the best parts about this equipment is that you can google exercises to use these bands, and you’ll find extensive lists of how they can be used.

One of the key benefits of PR items is that they will be regularly used, and these will definitely be beneficial to anyone who has them.

There is almost no wrong way to use exercise bands, and once the user becomes comfortable with them, they can use a higher resistance to increase the challenge.

They can be looped around the arms to do bicep curls, around the legs while doing squats, and almost anything you can think of.

While they’re great for all levels of experience with working out, the ease of use will make exercise bands especially appealing for those who may feel out of their comfort zone or are new to working out.

Great for gyms or physical therapy practices

Exercise bands are a great PR choice for any business, but they’re a perfect fit for gyms and physical therapy practices specifically as you may have guessed.

Since they can be used by those who are new to your gym as well as the veteran members there, exercise bands are great additions for gyms both big and small.

This can give your gym members more options for their workouts, and for the regular gym-goers, this can give them a new challenge for their workouts and goals.

Exercise bands can be used alone for workouts, or in addition to other ones. For example, many weightlifting-lovers like adding resistance bands to their squats and leg routines. This is a great recommendation for anyone who loves leg day!

As mentioned, exercise bands are also easy on the joints and pose a low risk for injury, which is why they are often used in physical therapy practices.

If you own physical therapy practice, you likely already have these around. However, it would be a great idea to purchase exercise bands branded with your practice’s name and logo. You can use them in your office, and can even give these to patients to take home and use on their own.

Your customers will most likely be using these bands regularly, and they may even begin using them to workout with regularly. Before you know it, they’re using them at the gym and getting your name out there!

A unique way to promote!

While most people love free stuff, some get tired of receiving PR items because before they know it, they have too many of a specific item in their home that they aren’t using, or don’t have a use for.

If you’re looking for a unique PR item to give, exercise bands are the perfect option.

Most people don’t have their own exercise bands, and when given them, they are likely to use them for a long time.

Exercise bands hold up well, so they won’t fall apart after a few uses. This means they’ll have no reason to purchase their own, and will be using your PR exercise bands for a while.

When they really make an impact, they’ll likely tell friends about them as well. The next thing you know, they’ve lent your PR bands to a friend, resulting in more promotion for you!

Exercise bands are relatively low-cost as far as PR items go, and are definitely a worthy investment as it is.

They’re useful for anyone and everyone – including you. So what are you waiting for, the pandemic to end? There’s no need for that when there are PR exercise bands to be used and promotion to be done for your business!