How to Still Work While Traveling

In a fast-paced and constantly changing world, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you have to get work done while traveling at some point. Whether it’s taking your kids to a sports tournament or making a family visit, your to-do list doesn’t go away.

Luckily, remote work has become more popular since the pandemic, and can actually make it much easier to stay on top of tasks. All you need is a laptop, wifi, and motivation!

Traveling while working can seem overwhelming, but it’s completely manageable if you plan ahead and have all your ducks in a row. There are a few ways that you can get things done while enjoying your traveling as well, so here are some tips.

Schedule time for your work

While it may sound appealing to simply “work on your own time” and do bits of work here and there, this may not be the most efficient use of your time.

If you have a hectic schedule during your traveling, this may be unavoidable. However, if possible, schedule out blocks of time in your trip that you’ll sit down and focus on your work. This will be the easiest way to focus on one thing at a time without your thoughts lingering or distracting you.

If you’ve got fun things planned for this trip, you don’t want to worry about all the work you still have to get done, right? Allow yourself time to switch gears so you can focus on work and your traveling separately – trust me, this will save your sanity.

Have a set place to get things done

If you can avoid it, try not to work in the car during your trip or around others. It’ll be difficult to focus and get anything done. The best thing you can do is set aside a space where there won’t be any loud noises. Don’t be afraid to take a pair of earbuds or headphones to prevent this.

There’s a reason that your work space, whether in an office or at home, should be separate from your bedroom or other casual, open spaces in your home. We’re only human, and our minds are prone to wandering. Separating your work space, even while traveling, will make things easier for you in the end.

Having a separate work space doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable though. Traveling is stressful and tiring. We aren’t saying you should lay out in your hotel room bed to work, but don’t be afraid to pull up a chair you can get comfy in and then set to work.

Continue to be communicative

Enjoy your traveling, but don’t let your communication slack and affect others in the process. It’s important that you continue communicating clearly and often with any coworkers and supervisors during your trip.

This is a mutually beneficial tip because it will help you feel less disconnected while away from your typical work space. Even moving offices can be disorienting and hard to adjust to, so continuing to communicate in regards to your work will help that.

Communication in itself is a vital aspect of success and getting things done. This also means that you should let your work know that you’ll be traveling. Make it clear that you’ll still get everything done as usual, but that your hours may be different. Staying in touch with them throughout the trip will ultimately reduce any related stress for all parties that are involved.

Dress for the job

We aren’t saying you should bring your best suit or dress just to get your work done, but don’t try working with a t-shirt or pajamas on, either.

Whether we like it or not, getting dressed signals to your brain that you’re in ‘work mode’, and ready to be productive. Making this extra effort will automatically put you in the mindset to get things done, which will only benefit you in the end.

In that same vein, make sure you change out of your make-shift work clothes when you’re done. Making the time to thoroughly separate the time for remote work and the time for your traveling activities will be better for your mental health. You can still enjoy traveling once the work is done!

Don’t overpack, but come prepared

When you’re making your packing list, make sure you include your work necessities as well. If you typically keep a pen and notebook at your desk, bring that with you. It feels convenient to only grab your laptop and charger, but you’ll regret leaving behind the things that didn’t feel that important.

We aren’t saying bring your whole desk with you, but don’t gloss over it and forgo your personal work necessities either. Again, it’s all about getting into work mode, and bringing your typical set-up to some extent will make it that much simpler.


It isn’t recommended that you regularly travel while working, if you can help it, but traveling while working is doable!

As long as you plan ahead of time and separate that work time and travel time as much as possible, everything should run smoothly for you.

To review the important points – schedule out your work and travel time. You don’t want these two things overlapping and scrambling your thoughts. It will only result in stress.

Have a make-shift work space set up for yourself while you’re away. Don’t be afraid to dress appropriately for your work either. Remember, it’s a psychological thing, but it makes a difference.

Continue to communicate regularly with those around you in your work life. There’s no reason for your traveling to prevent you from getting work done, and it shouldn’t affect your coworkers either.

Come prepared for both the traveling, and the work. The worst that could happen is your bag ends up a little heavier than usual. Trust us, it would be worse to reach your destination and realize you forgot one or two important work items.

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