How to throw the best remote office New Year's day party!

How to Throw the Best Zoom Office New Year’s Day Party

It’s no doubt that Covid-19 has changed everything in our lives. From how we act in public, how our children “go” to school, and how we work. Many offices have transitioned from working at a corporate base to working from the comfort of our home. Which, of course, has its benefits–also known for attending 8 am zoom meetings in pajamas. However, it has also limited interaction with our colleagues and the office gatherings. As this covid year draws near an end, we are constrained yet again to virtual celebrations. However, this does not mean our virtual celebrations can’t be turned to the next level. That’s right! A zoom office New Year’s day celebration that’s lit, and here is how; a customized New Year’s Day office zoom celebration kit! It’s simple. Each employee gets mailed an office zoom celebration kit filled with the following products, and then they can use the items provided and log onto zoom for a spectacular end-of-year send-off. 


Customized Balloons 

What is a party without balloons? Balloons add a joyful and colorful texture to any space. Take it a step further and personalize these balloons to your company’s liking. Perfect Imprints provide three types of balloons: 

  • Crystal latex wrap balloons 
  • Fashion latex wrap balloons 
  • Metallic latex wrap balloons 

These balloons are the perfect inexpensive piece to decorate any space. Send each of your hard-working employees balloons to lighten up their home office. Just like that, step one of the celebration kit is complete. Now on to step two. 


Personalized Light-Up Cups 

Let’s get real. It’s a party. A New Year’s day party at that. Drinks are on the menu, so why not mix things up with light-up cups! Perfect Imprints trademark 24oz light cup is sure to do just that. This 24oz light cup is a part of PI’s lighted drinkware series and is always customizable. The drinkware features 3 LED lights–red, green, and blue. The cups also include 6 different light effects–color blinking, alternating fade, all on, or individual color blinking. Personalize them with a company logo or motto or both. Not only do these add some light to your zoom celebration party, but it is also the perfect walking company advert. Cups are versatile and used often. The chances of your employees using this product more than once is highly likely. Another option in PI’s light-up drinkware series is the 20 oz. light-up tumbler. Slightly smaller than our previous product, but it makes up for its 9 LED light colors. Both are perfect for the celebration kit! 


Personalized Greeting Card With Magnetic Calendar 

Now, this is perhaps the most important product in our New Year’s Day office zoom celebration kit–a personalized greeting card. A card is your company’s opportunity to share appreciation and holiday greetings with the staff. Words of encouragement or thanks go a long way and show your employees that you are thinking of them during these unprecedented times. It comes with a beautiful magnetic one-year calendar that you can imprint with a company name or logo. This is a great way to spread some holiday cheer to employees. 


Customized Light Up Bam Bam Noisemakers 

The final item in our celebration kit will surely make some noise! Revisiting our light-up series PI puts a new spin on the classic Bam Bam stadium noisemakers! A perfect way to ring in the New Year, these light-up bam-bam noisemakers are equipped with LED bulbs that stay lit at full power for 4-6 hours. We did say a lit New Year’s day celebration. Select any color and stamp on your company’s logo, and the office is ready to party. 

Let The Celebration Begin! 

As an aspiring business ourselves, we understand the importance of company morals. In times where many are forced to isolate, a little goes a long way. Sending your employees appreciation and encouraging them as they continue to work in unconventional settings will boost company morale and satisfaction. Let us, Perfect Imprints, help your company keep the energy high with personalized gifts!  

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