Ideas for Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Buy Halloween Trick or Treat BagsHalloween is one of those really fun “holidays” that many people look forward to each year. Kids look forward to trick or treating. Adults look forward to Halloween parties with their friends. Retail businesses look forward to the huge fourth quarter boost in sales. Consumers spend about $7 Billion on Halloween-related items each year!

With this much spending, it makes sense that businesses should piggyback on this popular holiday. One of the lowest cost items to use to promote your business for Halloween is trick or treat bags. Below are a few ideas how you can use these Halloween bags to really stand out during the entire month of October.

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag Ideas

  • Give out bags to local schools so they can give to the students.
  • Donate your printed bags to local churches for their Fall Festivals.
  • Give bags to churches who sponsor Trunk or Treat events.
  • Pass out bags to local children’s organizations.
  • Give a trick or treat bag to each of your customers starting at the beginning of October.
  • Use Halloween bags as retail bags during the month of October.
  • Use them for party treat bags for parties during October.
  • Host a trick or treat event at your shopping mall or shopping center.
  • Co-sponsor bags with other companies to split the cost of the bags.
  • Mail a bag to each of your customers who likely have kids or grand kids.
  • Pre-fill the bag with candy and promos to give out to your customers before Halloween.

One great result from giving out trick or treat bags is your customers will come to expect them each year. And this is a great thing because that means they are remembering you.

With all of the ideas above, your trick or treat bags can be used by the recipients’ kids when trick or treating. These low-cost Halloween giveaways give your company big exposure by combing fun and a useful item together. Happy trick or treating!

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