If You Want to Be Successful, Get Involved!

Get Involved to Be Successful in Business

The world of commerce is cluttered with businesses. These businesses can be simplified and identified by 3 very different categories: 1) Great companies, 2) Mediocre companies, and 3) Lousy companies. The third category is harsh, but certainly a reality in the business world.

Often on the surface, it’s hard to differentiate these companies. However, once you start digging around, it becomes evident to which category a company fits.

Within which category does your company fit?

If you want your company to be great, you must be involved with something other than yourself. You need to be active within your community and industry. By involved, I mean everyone, from management down to your newest hires. Allow your employees to volunteer for causes that are important to them, even if it is during business hours.

Below are a few simple suggestions of ways to get involved and transform your company from mediocre to great. If you notice, I didn’t mention anything about the lousy companies because they most likely won’t be reading this blog anyway; however, if you are a lousy company, you, too, can turn it around!

10 Ways to Get Involved

  1. Participate in local charity events. Fundraising events such as golf tournaments, Relay For Life, 5K races, and other events benefiting charities are great ways to get involved.
  2. Volunteer with your regional or national industry association. For the promotional products industry, ours is PPAI and there are countless opportunities to get involved. Your industry association(s) typically have their finger on the pulse of the state of the industry and readily know where to place you for the biggest impact.
  3. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and participate. Simply joining your chamber means nothing. The real benefit comes from volunteering. It’s during that involvement that you meet many people and develop priceless business and personal relationships that will propel your business to the next level.
  4. Support local events that better your community. Most cities have frequent clean-up days or other events that make a difference around the community. Take the extra time and lend a hand. You’ll not only feel good about it, but you will meet some great, like-minded people. Lend a few employees for those few hours and show your community that your company cares.
  5. Talk to your customers. Part of getting involved means speaking to your customers. Just like a maître d’ or general manager will often make the rounds to speak to the guests of each table, it’s important for the management team to do the same. Show your clientele that you are not too good to speak to them.
  6. Be social. Of course, being social in person is important, but in today’s digital world, you must be active on social media to connect with your customers and potential customers. This means actually interacting with your fans and not just posting status updates about yourself or always going for the hard sell.
  7. Be a mentor. You can look at others in the same business as competitors or as collaborators. The latter will serve you much better and help you to become an established expert in your industry. Wouldn’t a mentor for you have been a great asset when you were starting out?
  8. Become an educator. It’s easy to educate others through the web. All you have to do is publish blog posts sharing your experiences and advice.
  9. Speak at events. There are many local organizations and events looking for experts in their field to give a talk to their group. Embrace these opportunities to educate others and spread your knowledge about your subject matter.
  10. Start your own charity. Do you have a passion to help others that isn’t being met by other charities? If so, what a great opportunity to begin your own charitable organization. The most successful charities were started by those with a deep passion to make a difference in a specific area.

This list is by no means comprehensive. There are hundreds of ways you can make a difference in both your local area as well as your entire industry. Start small and work your way up to bigger roles. The more involved you get, the more people you will meet. You will develop a reputation for being compassionate, helpful, and as an expert in your field.

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