Improve Sales Without Trying– Here Are 3 Marketing Psychology Techniques

Improve Sales Without Trying– Here Are 3 Marketing Psychology Techniques

The goal of any marketer is to identify the behaviors of an audience and turn those behaviors into sales. Marketing psychology does just that.


First things first, Marketing is psychology.

Think about it… Why is it that analytics are so valuable to marketers? Data provides insight into how consumers arrived at their websites. 

Not only this, but creative marketing allows insight into how businesses or employees can approach consumers and keep them coming back or advocating for them. 

Whether you are an eCommerce marketer or an in-store marketer, your role is to psychologically connect with your consumers. Below, we have compiled 3 examples of how your business can nonchalantly improve sales using marketing psychology. Check it out!

In-Store Marketing Techniques

Marketing is as simple as the concept above. In the picture, you see shopping baskets that are segregated by color scheme. Why is this important and why does this relate to psychology? The answer is simple. It boils down to the obvious fact that some people are just more intimidated when walking into certain stores. 

Some consumers may feel out of their comfort zone while entering a store–this can lead to the consumer wanting to explore on their own. Other consumers may have no idea what they are looking for and need assistance from an associate.


Whether it be because they don’t want to be approached, are in a hurry and know exactly what they want, or any other case, this particular store is automatically setting the tone for how consumers want to be treated. That is great marketing! That is how you use marketing psychology to your advantage!

ECommerce Marketing Techniques

Don’t sell them a product. Sell them a vision–better yet, sell them a feeling!

Here at Perfect Imprints, we specialize in eCommerce. We sell promotional products; however, this marketing psychology technique works far past just swag items. 

On many eCommerce sites, you will see a digital mock-up of a product–this or the option to create one (depending on the site). Why do we, and other large retailers, do this? It is because we want to be able to sell our consumers a vision. 

Retailers such as Nike follow similar guidelines. Nike does not push products themselves, but rather what their apparel and products can do for the consumer.

As a great marketer, it is important to understand that it is less about people buying from your business and more about people choosing your business.

Color Science in Marketing Psychology

Color psychology can be used for both in-store and eCommerce marketing. Behind each color is a feeling. When it comes to communication and marketing, color is unmatched. It creates desire, status, and mood. With a tool such as color psychology, you need to be able to execute effectively. 

Take McDonald’s for example. They use the colors red and yellow, and for good reason. 

Red is stimulating and is associated with being active. It also increases heart rate and metabolism, which helps to boost appetite. 

The color yellow is associated with happiness, joy, and intellect. It also helps that yellow is the most visible color in daylight–that is why a McDonald’s logo is so easy to spot in a crowd.

McDonald’s is the number one leading fast food chain around the world. Color science is a huge part of their success and they can thank marketing psychology for that. This is a simple technique you can incorporate into your everyday marketing campaign.

To excel at marketing, branding, and improving sales, you have to be good with people–that is marketing psychology for you. For success, put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It is that simple, and yet that hard. If your business is desperate for marketing help, contact us today! We know a thing or two about how you can thrive in today’s world.

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