How to Improve Your Company’s Workflow With Customized Stress Balls

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Over the years, there have been many studies done on workplace stress and the effect it has on people. And just about all these studies have suggested that Americans experience too much workplace stress on a regular basis.

Do you suspect that most of the employees who work for your company might be too stressed out? If so, you should consider finding ways to help them deal with and eliminate workplace stress.

One of the simplest ways to do it is by handing out customized stress balls to your employees. You’ll find that your employees will be more productive when you take the time to create squeeze balls for them. You’ll also find that your company’s workflow will be dramatically improved.

Take a look at some of the ways in which stress balls will prove to be beneficial to your employees below.

Reduces Stress

According to a study that was done in 2017, about 80% of Americans report feeling stressed on most days. And while family issues and children account for a lot of this stress, work is also cited as a significant source of stress for most people.

When people start to feel stressed out at work, their bodies will often begin to stiffen up on them and their muscles will feel tense. This can make it difficult for them to focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand. It can hurt their productivity and cause certain jobs to take a lot longer than they really should.

Stress balls and stress toys like the #1 Stress Reliever can come in handy when stress gets the better of someone. They can sit down and squeeze their stress ball or stress toy and feel a lot of the tension that accompanies stress melt right away.

When you customize stress toys for your company’s employees, they’ll have somewhere to turn when they feel their stress levels spike. They can go from being entirely too stressed out to feeling almost no stress at all simply by squeezing a stress ball for a few minutes.

Eliminates Anger

If you don’t make an effort to help your employees eliminate some of the stress they have to deal with day in and day out, there could be consequences that come along with it.

In some cases, you might find that your employees are getting sick on a regular basis due to stress. In others, you might find that your employees are always lethargic during the workday because they can’t sleep well at night due to stress.

And then, there’s anger in the workplace, which is yet another problem you might face if you don’t provide your employees with a way to manage stress. Verbal altercations and even physical fights could take place in your office if your employees are constantly stressed out.

You can steer clear of seeing anger get the best of your employees by setting them up with an Airplane Stress Reliever or one of the other stress toys available today.

Improves Mood

It’s not exactly a secret that there are many Americans who don’t like their jobs. Studies have shown more than 70% of people hate what they do and wish they could be doing something else.

Just about everyone in America has to work to pay their bills and feed their families, though. So most people suck it up and find ways to make the most of their working conditions.

One of the things some people do to make work more manageable is cover their desks with photos of their family members and other things that make them smile. This helps to improve their mood when they’re at work while also reminding them about the important things in life.

Hopefully, your employees are happy with what they do and don’t hate their jobs. But either way, you can help improve their overall mood through the use of squeeze balls. It’ll be just about impossible for them to be in a bad mood when they come into work in the morning and see, say, a Cool Sun Stress Reliever Figure sitting on their desk.

A stress ball like this will put a smile on their face when they sit down. It’ll also put them in a better mood and make them better at whatever their jobs may be.

Sparks Creativity

Are a lot of your employees in charge of coming up with big ideas that will benefit your company? If so, your conference rooms are usually filled with smart people sitting around and trying to brainstorm the next big idea for your business.

You should do whatever you can to help spark creativity in them. This might mean providing them with food and beverages in your office. It might also mean encouraging them to play music or hanging up inspirational quotes throughout your office space.

And it might even mean handing out customized stress balls designed to motivate your employees to come up with million-dollar ideas. You can give them each a $100 Bill Stress Reliever they can use during brainstorming meetings.

When your employees look at these stress toys, they’ll be reminded of what’s at stake. But at the same time, the toys will give them the opportunity to blow off some steam while they’re in the process of trying to generate great ideas.

If you’re looking to spark more creativity in your workplace, customizing a bunch of squeeze balls might just do the trick.

Promotes Unity

Are you finding that your employees aren’t working together as much as you might like? There are so many different things you can do to encourage teamwork and collaboration within your company.

You can:

  • Set collective goals for your employees and let them know you’re expecting them to reach them
  • Hold more team meetings which include people communicating with one another and bouncing ideas off each other
  • Ask your employees to take part in special team-building exercises, both inside and outside of your office

You can also create customized stress balls for everyone who works in your office to show that you’re “all in this together.” You can put your company name and logo on something like a Brain Stress Reliever and remind your employees they can accomplish greater things together than they can separately.

Increases Movement

You might think forcing your employees to spend all day sitting at their desks is a good thing. It means they’re working hard and doing what’s best for your business, right?

In theory, yes. But there are many studies that have illustrated the risks that come along with spending all day sitting down. Sitting can actually be harmful to your employees’ health if they spend hours on end in their desk chairs.

Your employees should:

  • Make sure their posture is good when they’re sitting at their desks
  • Stand up from their chairs at least once every half hour
  • Get into the habit of walking around in your office about once every hour

You might think your employees will be less productive when they’re constantly on the move. But in fact, more movement could make your employees more productive over time. They’ll feel better overall when they make movement a priority.

You can increase the movement in your office by letting your employees know you’re perfectly fine with them getting up whenever they need to. You can also increase movement by providing stress balls that look just like sports balls.

For instance, the 3-1/2″ Football Stress Reliever will promote movement among your employees. They’ll be more likely to get up and take a walk when they have a ball in their hand.

Decreases Pain

There aren’t as many aches and pains associated with working in an office as they are with digging ditches or working at a construction job. But there are going to be some aches and pains your employee’s experience when they work at desks almost all day long.

It’s not uncommon for office workers to suffer from conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It’s an issue which can cause everything from numbness in a person’s fingers to excruciating pain in their wrists.

Stress balls can help soothe some of the aches and pains your employees might feel. When they have a Convertible Stress Reliever right on their desk, they can pick it up and squeeze it for a few minutes anytime their hands or wrists start to hurt.

Of course, if their aches and pains persist, you should encourage them to get to a doctor right away to seek medical treatment. But you can help prevent many of the common aches and pains that come with working in an office before they set in through the use of stress toys.

Encourages Laughter

How many times do you hear your employees laughing when you walk through your office?

If you can’t remember the last time you heard someone laughing, that’s a problem! There are studies which have shown there are lots of benefits of allowing people to laugh at work.

Here are just a few of the benefits of laughing in the office:

  • Relieves boredom
  • Eliminates stress
  • Boosts physical and mental well-being
  • Makes people feel more engaged
  • Increases productivity

We bet you’re not laughing at the idea of allowing your employees to laugh more anymore, huh?

You obviously can’t force people to laugh and have a good time at work. But you can increase the chances of laughter permeating throughout the halls of your office with customized stress balls.

A stress toy like the Cowboy Mad Cap Stress Reliever or the Cute Bug Stress Reliever Figure will make people laugh and keep a smile on their faces. And all that laughter will pay off for your company once it becomes a staple in your office.

Takes Up No Space

Companies have tried to add all kinds of things to their offices over the years to make their employees more productive.

From foosball tables and dart boards to pool tables and even video game consoles, companies have thought outside the box when trying to increase productivity. They’ve devoted entire rooms to the cause.

The problem with this is it can really cut into the available square footage of a company’s office. It can limit the amount of space companies have to operate and make it harder for employees to be productive.

You won’t run into this problem when you go with something like customized stress balls instead. A bunch of Hand Thumbs Up Stress Relievers won’t take up anywhere near as much room as a foosball or pool table.

At the same time, stress toys will have the same kind of effect as foosball and pool tables will. They’ll help your employees cut their stress levels down while improving your company’s overall workflow.

Costs Very Little

If your company has 20 employees, you might not be all that worried about investing in stress balls. It won’t cost you a fortune to do it.

But if your company has hundreds or even thousands of employees, the cost might be a much bigger concern. You might love the idea of providing your employees with stress-busting tools but hate the idea of blowing your quarterly budget to do it.

Not to worry! When you buy squeeze balls in bulk, you can get them for next to nothing. An Ice Cream Cone Stress Reliever will cost less than $2, while a basic Round Stress Ball in any color will cost under $1 when you buy in bulk.

Order Customized Stress Balls For Your Company’s Employees Today

Your employees work hard for you, and they suffer from a lot of stress because of it. You should do your part to reduce some of their stress by hooking them up with stress balls or stress toys.

People won’t be able to put them down once you hand them out. They’ll fall in love with the way they make them feel and turn to them over and over again whenever stress starts to get the best of them.

Read our blog to learn about some of the other promotional items you can use to reduce stress.

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