Increase Brand Exposure–Custom Water Bottles With Labels

Increase Brand Exposure- Custom Water Bottles With Labels

Hot summer days call for crisp, cold, refreshing water. Summers are notorious for camps, outdoor adventures, festivals, and fundraisers–all activities that drive thirst. The real question is, how can custom water bottles with labels increase brand exposure? Let’s dive in and find out!

How Custom Labeled Water Bottles Help Brand Exposure

Handing out custom water bottles with labels is an easy way businesses or organizations can market themselves. They are affordable, useful, and versatile–just as a promotional product should be. By handing these out on a hot summer day, you are letting recipients know that your company cares. Here at Perfect Imprints, we make the process easy. We do the branding; your only job is to pass the bottles out at events. Get your name out into the community and let the custom water bottles speak for themselves! 

Create brand awareness–The more you hand out, the more awareness you spread! Creating awareness comes in all forms! Not only will your brand be on the bottles, but this gives employees the perfect opportunity to talk with recipients about what the business stands for, etc.!

Create a conversation–Trust us when we say that there will be people asking others where they got their waters from–especially on a hot summer day! The bottle opens and so do the conversations. Not only will people be talking about your waters but also who is distributing the waters (aka your brand).

Expand your reach–While recipients are walking around sipping on their cold water bottles, passersby will be eyeing them down. Custom labeled water bottles are eye level when put to use. Now you can reach people you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to before. You can look at this promotional product as a form of walking advertisement.

Custom Water Bottle Sizes

The custom water bottles with labels come in three sizes: 8 oz12 oz, and 16.9 oz. Each bottle offers a perfect imprint size to show off your business brand. Even when submerged in ice, the logo will remain intact! They are lightweight, easy to carry, and refillable! When going with one of these three options, please make sure to mention that they are recyclable!

Are Custom Water Bottles With Labels Right For Your Business?

Custom water bottles can fit any budget and provide a versatile audience range. Even if they don’t get used right away, you can be sure that they will be put to use, eventually! 

Plastic promotional bottles may not be the right fit for every business, but that is why Perfect Imprints offers all types of branded water bottles. There is a lot that you can gain from passing out custom water bottles with labels; don’t miss out! Get started on your promotional journey today!




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