How to Jolly Up Your Christmas Party Without Alcohol

We’ve all been to those LAME Christmas parties. You know the one that reeks of awkwardness. Everyone is standing around is their respective cliques while sipping on an unknown type of sugar-ridden, non-spiked punch. The loners that are not in the cliques are checking their phones to avert their awkwardness. Why isn’t the punch spiked? COME ON!

On the other hand, we’ve also been to the fun and often unruly Christmas parties filled with close friends and coworkers. More times than not, there is a “healthy” supply of alcohol to help fuel the fun. Ice breakers aren’t needed for this crowd. This party is rocking and doesn’t need much help.

So how can you liven up Christmas parties that you suspect will be on the dull side? Beside alcohol, there’s a way.

Give Away Silly Santa Hats!

There’s something about wearing a ridiculous hat that makes starting a conversation easier. It starts will a simple smile when make eye contact and see how fantastically foolish someone looks while KNOWING you look the exact same way.

Below are 4 silly Santa hats will certainly make everyone a little more Jolly at your next Christmas party.

Tall striped Santa (Elf) hats

Red & White Tall Striped Santa Hats

Stand tall in the crowd with the these red and white striped plush Santa hats. These are made of a velvet and plush and include a flashing ball on the tip of hat. You’ll certainly be noticed when wearing these fun hats. These ship in bulk blank, but as an option, they can be embroidered. Due to the fuzzy nature of plush, they can not be screen printed.

Felt Santa Hat With BeardBulk Santa Hats with Beard

These low cost felt Santa help you instantly grow that holiday beard so you can be just like Santa. Men and women alike can now support a white beard at your Christmas party. These economy priced Santa hats are blank and sold in bulk with a minimum order of only 48 pieces.

Santa Hat with BraidsBulk Santa Hats with Braids

Maybe a beard isn’t your thing. Perhaps you prefer braids. If so, these Santa hats are ideal for your Christmas party. These red Santa hats with white trim and long white braids will liven up your holiday party. With only a 24 piece minimum order, these bulk Santa hats are perfect!

Spring Top Santa HatsSpring Top Santa Hats

If you really want to be different, these spring tree top Santa hats will do the trick. They feature a white trim and a white fluffy ball on the end of the spring top.

Be adventurous this year with your Santa hat giveaways and opt for non-traditional Santa hats.

If you are stuck on traditional Santa hats, you can shop them all here.

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