Kitchen Promotional Products Help Clients Stay Healthy

Cooking at home is quickly making a comeback as many of us are ‘locked in’ our homes. It’s a great time to hone your cooking skills, try something new, or just fall in love with cooking from scratch again! We offer a large selection of kitchen promotional products that make great employee gifts or giveaways for potential clients that making cooking at home more fun!

We know that cooking at home can seem tedious or even overwhelming, but we’ve come up with some fun tips to make cooking at home healthy, fun, and exciting! Check them out below!

Fun Kitchen Promotional Products

Okay, let’s face it, not all of us love to cook, but what if you could make it fun? Learn new skills, such as cutting fancy shapes in your fruits and vegetables, filleting a fish, or chopping your ingredients into minuscule bits without hurting yourself? Today you can learn just about any skill on YouTube so even novice chefs can find new skills in the kitchen and fall in love with healthy eating again.

It all starts with the right products, like cutting boards. Promotional cutting boards are a great gift because they are something every person uses at some point even if they aren’t avid chefs. We have a large selection of bamboo and several types of plastic cutting boards that make cooking fun. Choose your options based on your clientele. Do you have environmentally-conscious consumers or is your business environmentally conscious? Opt for the bamboo cutting boards to stay with your mission. If you have more practical customers that would prefer plastic cutting boards, we provide a large selection of them as well.

No matter what you choose, every time your customer or employee uses the cutting board, they’ll think of your company and the thoughtful gift you provided.

We also offer a large selection of pizza cutters. Say goodbye to takeout pizza and learn to make your own! There’s nothing more fun to experiment with than pizza! Have a family pizza night and let everyone choose their own toppings. You get everyone in on the fun and are able create some healthy concoctions while still making it seem fun.

We have a large selection of pizza cutters to encourage everyone to have pizza night at their house. Whether you want a non-stick or metal pizza cutter, we have a large variety. We even have pizza cutters that double as bottle openers or pizza servers!

Learn to Measure Right

Nothing spoils a recipe faster than not measuring the ingredients right! It all starts with the right tools. We offer a large selection of measuring kitchen promotional products, like measuring cups and measuring spoons. From measuring spoons that are attached (no more losing spoons) to multi-use measuring spoons with multiple measurements in it all with your company name and logo on it, we have it all. Customize the colors to coincide with your company’s brand and you have a useful gift to provide your employees or customers.

Measuring cups are an integral part of cooking at home too. You need measuring cups that provide multiple measurements, not just in cups, but in ounces and milliliters too. We offer a large selection of measuring cups that meet your specifications. All are available in a wide variety of colors and of course customized for your business.

Using the right measuring tools is half of the battle when creating new foods. Just being off an ounce or teaspoon or two can throw an entire recipe off course. Everyone uses measuring tools, so you can’t ever have too many. Check out our wide selection and use these amazing kitchen promotional products to advertise your business.

Keep it Fresh

No one likes stale or ruined food and it’s so easy to do when people don’t seal the bags or packages correctly. We sell a large selection of bag clips that help make the job easier. They are all super easy to use that even kids can do it. Now you won’t find yourself munching on stale chips or looking at wilted lettuce because it will be sealed right.

We offer a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy for you to choose the right options for your company. Customize it with your company info and your employees and customers are bound to use them regularly, always reminding them of your company.

Time it Right

No one likes burnt or undercooked food, but it’s so hard to stay on top of a meal when you are pulled in a million different directions at home. Put the days of burnt and undercooked food behind you with a fancy kitchen timer. Timers often sit out on countertops, which is a great gift to give your employees or clients as we can customize it with your company information. Now not only will your employee or customer be constantly reminded of you with these kitchen promotional products, but so will anyone that visits their kitchen and sees the timer. Timers are a great way to market with kitchen promotional products. 

We offer a large selection of kitchen timers to help you choose those that suit your market the best. Each type comes in a variety of colors and we provide a large selection of sizes including ‘tiny tot’ sizes and wide screen digital sizes that are easy to see even from far away.

Try New Things

Not everyone knows how to stay healthy in the kitchen these days. It’s so much easier to just pop convenience food it the microwave and call it a meal, right? Why not supply your employees and customers with kitchen promotional products that promote healthy plans? Our Healthy Eating calendar that you can customize for your company provides 12 mouthwatering photos of delicious foods along with the recipes. Anyone that has the calendar will find themselves wanting to cook these delicious meals!

Each calendar comes with 12 clip-and-save recipe cards making it easy for anyone to shop for the ingredients and make the delicious foods. Trust us, when this calendar is hanging in the kitchen, everyone will want to give it a try. The pictures are incredible and the foods look as if they came right from a gourmet restaurant.

Why not encourage a theme for each day? You’ve probably heard of Taco Tuesday by this point, but what about Meatless Monday, Wacky Wednesday, and Slow Cooker Sunday? Have fun with the themes and come up with your own ideas. Not only will it make dinnertime or any mealtime more fun, but it will help encourage you to do more cooking at home. Of course with the right kitchen promotional products in hand it is certain easier!

Fitness + Kitchen Promotional Products

Include with your kitchen promotional products encouragement for your employees and customers to stay fit! Exercise and healthy eating have to go hand-in-hand in order to provide optimal health. You can eat as healthy as you want, but if you don’t exercise, your heart won’t be as healthy as it could be. Exercise also helps keep you young and flexible.

Our Food and Fitness journal is a great way to keep everyone on track. Logging your food choices and exercise times is a great way to see where you could improve. Maybe you see a trend where you make unhealthy choices on the weekends or you find that certain nights of the week are too busy to cook so you choose unhealthier options.

The log can help point you in the right direction, making healthier choices. Because the book is customized with your company name and logo, it will serve as a reminder to your employees and customers that you care about their wellbeing. It’s a gentle reminder to keep going!

If you want another kitchen promotional product to keep your employees and clients healthy, consider our Good Snacks bookmark! We all love to snack, but sometimes we make choices that aren’t quite the healthiest options. The Good Snacks bookmark reminds everyone to choose healthy choices as the bookmark has numerous options for snacks that are under 100 calories. Customize it with your company name and logo and hand it out to employees and customers as a giveaway to encourage healthy eating.

Cooking at home is becoming more and more common as we make changes in our daily lives. With less access to eating out and more need to cook at home, everyone can use gadgets and kitchen promotional products. It’s a great time to jump on the bandwagon and advertise your business at the same time. We offer a wide selection and great prices, making it easy for anyone to advertise their business at affordable rates.

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