Drink Koozies

A koozie keeps drinks cool for every occasion

The primary places to use koozies is outside when the heat is on. The beach – for example – is an extraordinarily good place to break out those little rubber can cases. With the sun beating down from the sky, reflecting off the water and turning the sand into molten glass, beverage temperature protection needs to be priority number one for all beach-goers.

Promotional koozies are a great way to get the word out about a company or to raise awareness of a sports team or university, but the beach isn’t the only place that they’ll be used. Another obvious example is a barbecue. Folks love to have a couple cold ones, alcoholic or otherwise, while they’re frying up hamburgers and hot dogs. Without a promotional product such as a koozie on hand, the sun and the grill will conspire to ruin the coolness of a drink.

Even drives require some help in the drink department. A nice can of soda or juice can quench the thirst of any driver on a long-distance trip. A koozie not only keeps that can chilly, but it protects against the sweat that results from condensation forming on the can. Slippery hands mean slippery steering wheels, which is no good when traveling on the road.

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Patrick Black
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