Low Quantity Custom Christmas Ornaments

Low Quantity Custom Christmas Ornaments

We understand your dilemma. Low quantity custom Christmas ornaments are often necessary.

Sometimes you just don’t need 100 or 250 custom ornaments. Sometimes you only need 12 or 24 or 36. If you’re having a small intimate Christmas party, then 100 ornaments would be overkill and over budget.

Don’t worry because we have many great solutions for you. Our low quantity custom Christmas ornaments are available with as few as 12 pieces, which can be personalized with your custom logo or text phrase. Below you’ll find many low quantity holiday ornaments organized into different available materials, all of which can be customized for your smaller event.

Ceramic Ornaments

Custom Ceramic Christmas Ornaments - Low Minimum Order

These 3D ceramic ornaments will certainly be noticed on your tree. They are laser engraved and make great gifts for your top clients. Order as few as 12 ornaments with your imprinted logo. Don’t forget that you also have the option to customize the high-quality gift box, too! 


Pewter Ornaments

Custom Pewter Ornaments - Low Quantity Customized Christmas Ornaments

Pewter ornaments are priced right to be affordable and available to order in quantities of only 12 pieces with your custom logo. Perfect for those small holiday parties!


Glass Ornaments

Custom Glass Ornaments - Low Minimum

Glass ornaments never go out of style. They are beautiful ornaments with a high perceived value. Your customers will love displaying these on their Christmas tree each year.


Crystal Ornaments

Low Minimum Custom Crystal Ornaments

When you want a step up from glass ornaments, crystal ornaments are the answer. These high quality ornaments are sure to be the new favorite ornaments on the Christmas tree.

With so many fantastic Christmas ornaments available at minimums starting at only 12 pieces, you can finally get those customized ornaments and hand them out as gifts for attending your smaller events.

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