A magnet packs much more of a promotional punch than one might expect

Custom magnets

Promotional products are at their best when they become highly visible and serve a function that consumers and customers will find useful. By those criteria, things such as promotional pens, spirit items, personalized mugs and custom t-shirts would appear to be the best possible choices for businesses, universities and sports teams to increase their brand awareness and reach more fans and clients.

However, an often-overlooked tool that can be very helpful to these organizations is the promotional magnet. Magnets are simple devices – they bear a design and stick to metal. These attributes make them the powerful marketing and spirit item that they are. By carrying a brightly colored design, magnets become a way for people to show off their passions and allegiances. A refrigerator covered with a team’s mascot or a beloved company product is one that says a lot about a person.

In addition, magnets are useful precisely because they stick to refrigerators. While everyone wants an ample supply of magnets so that they can stick important information to her appliances, few people go out and actually buy them. That’s why promotional magnets will always be willingly accepted – they’re an important household item that doesn’t warrant purchasing.

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