Promotional Magnetic Calendars

Magnetic calendars fit in many homes and offices

People aren’t born with an internal clock, so it’s very easy to forget the date. There are many devices that give a clear view of the proceeding several months at a glance, but few of them are as cheap, as simple or as chock-full of promotional opportunities as magnetic calendars.

These promotional products are a good choice for schools, companies and other organizations because they serve dual purposes. In addition to giving customers and fans a chance to plan the days and weeks ahead with accuracy and speed, they’re also a good tool to tack a shopping list, important documents and children’s artwork onto the fridge.

If sports teams or universities decide to enact a promotional campaign using magnetic calendars, there’s an added bonus. Sports teams’ schedules can be easily added to the record of days and dates. Even though magnetic calendars are usually very small and don’t leave a lot of room for additional information, something as simple as a football or basketball symbol on the day of a home game will allow spirited fans to show up at the stadium in large groups when the time is right.

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