Make Sure Your Church Looks Its Best on Easter Sunday with Custom Offering Buckets

Church Offering BucketsRetaining members and attracting new visitors is a tough “business” these days at churches. You have to be doing everything right or many of your “on the fence” visitors will stray to other churches they that are doing bigger and better things.

One of the most important ways to attract new visitors is to be doing mission work in your own community. Local mission work in your town is important. This not only helps people in need in your community, but it also helps spiritually feed those from your church who are volunteering. Doing good for others makes you feel good.

While it’s great to be involved in overseas missions in third world countries, you shouldn’t forget about your neighbors in your own town. Americans are often overlooked due to how poor some foreign countries are compared to America.

Another way to attract visitors to your church is by having a strong brand. Yes, branding is important for your church. If done properly, your branding should represent your mission as an organization. Your church may focus primarily on missions, evangelism, Christian leadership, fellowship, discipleship, or a combination thereof.

The external appearance of your church should represent your internal church. First impressions are very important, especially for churches. If outsiders don’t get a welcome feeling, they’ll never show up. If they don’t see and a fair amount of mission work from your church, they will opt for another church who is active and doing God’s work.

Your branding helps reinforce your goals to those who don’t know you yet as well as your existing members. Your logo, marketing collateral, website and promotional products should convey a consistent message.

Once you have visitors to your worship service, branded church offering buckets are another great way strengthen your branding. Custom printed buckets help visitors get a stronger feeling of stability within the church, especially if you print your mission statement on the buckets as a reminder.

Church offering buckets help make your church look more professional, which is important while collecting tithes and offering. There are several other pros of offering buckets you can read below.

Benefits of Church Offering Buckets

  • Stackable within each other for more compact storage.
  • Made of durable plastic with a durable imprint (See the product review below from a recent customer!)
  • Huge imprint area to strengthen your church branding and mission statement.
  • Modern, professional look, especially good for contemporary worship services.
  • Light-weight, so they are easy to grab and pass to the next person during collection of offering.
  • Increased tithes and offering since they are bigger than offering plates (maybe).

See all of the reviews for the Church Offering Buckets below.

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