Have you gotten your business on Facebook yet? If not, there’s a large market out there waiting for you
and your competitors may just have their attention right now.

Your branding should spill over into Facebook, working as a continuation of the branding you already
built on your website and in your brick-and-mortar store. Facebook offers another way to connect with
your audience in ways email, phone calls, and even in-person visits won’t offer.

Check out how to make the most of your branding on Facebook below.

Make a Clear ‘About Us’ on Facebook

If you look around Facebook, you’ll see a lot of competition – like thousands of other companies vying
for the same attention you want. How do you stand apart from that competition? It starts with your
‘About Us’ section.

Give viewers a reason to want to like your business. Your ‘About Us’ section brings clarity and focus to
your viewers. It tells them what you’re about, why you’re there, and why they should ‘like’ your
business’s page.

Show off your Competitive Edge

If you’ve started a Facebook page, you already know your target audience. Now, what sets you apart
from the other companies in your industry? What reasons do you have for your audience to ‘like’ you
versus your competitors?

You can show off your competitive edge in many ways, but the most eye-catching ways is in your
photos. Most people see photos before they see text. Your header image and profile image speak 1,000
words before you verbally say anything.

When you show off your competitive edge, you’ll get more likes, more engagement, and eventually
more sales.

Keep an Active Page

Even if you’re hearing crickets on your Facebook page, stay active. When you start, your posts probably
won’t show up in your audience’s feed – it takes time and sometimes paid promotions. But, even if you
think no one is looking, keep creating content.

When someone stumbles on your page, they want to see activity. If they don’t, they’ll keep scrolling.

Keep your content engaging and use current customer testimonials. Even if your audience isn’t on
Facebook directly providing feedback on there, use the feedback left on your website, Yelp, or other
platforms to show potential Facebook viewers what others think of your company.

You always want to look like a leader in the industry, even if you don’t feel that way yet. Put on the air of
authority and you’ll get the attention you want.

Create Leadership Authority

Speaking of authority, get creative in the ways you show off your authority. There are multiple ways to
do this on Facebook:
 Join industry-related groups and provide valuable insight (not promotions) in it. Connect with
the members and you’ll naturally gain a larger audience.
 Create your own groups on Facebook. Use this as an opportunity to show your captive audience
your knowledge and authority in the industry and that you provide value, not just push products
or services.
 Comment on other posts related to your industry. The more places you can impart your wisdom
and show your knowledge in the industry, the more people will follow you.

Ask Engaging Questions

If you want your audience to communicate with you, ask engaging questions. Don’t ask questions they
can answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Instead, ask thought provoking questions that spark interest, debate, or
create conversation.

You get bonus points if you include photos or infographics to go with the questions. It gets more
people’s attention and gets the conversation flowing faster.

Use Photos

We can’t say it enough, one photo is worth 1,000 words! It can speak without you saying a word. It can
also create interest in your products or services and they typically have a much higher engagement ratio
than text posts.

Don’t just use photos to market your products or services, though. Like we said above, use them to
create engaging conversation, or teach your audience something. Photos can be real photos you took,
copyright-free photos you can share, or infographics you created.

You may be surprised to see how well infographics or memes do with your audience. They are often the
most engaging posts on Facebook because they get people thinking, talking, and laughing.

Go Live or Post Videos

Don’t underestimate the power of videos or going live. Short videos catch your viewer’s attention
quickly. Facebook automatically plays videos as viewers scroll through their feed. If you can capture
their attention with awesome content, you may have better results.

Videos and Facebook lives are great for a variety of content including:

 Announcements
 Polls
 Teasers
 Promotions

If you’re teaching something or providing value, consider creating a video series. You can pique the
interest of your viewers while getting them to come back for more.

Link Content (Your Own and Others)

Facebook is a great place to share content and there are two ways to do it.

You can share your own content. It’s a great way to get inbound links to your own blog, increasing its

But you can also share other people’s content that you find valuable. While you won’t share a
competitor’s content, sharing content from complementary companies in the industry helps increase
your authoritative figure. Plus, if you do it often enough, the owner of the content you share may do the
same for you, helping both of you out at the same time.

Create Offers (Exclusive Offers)

Offer your Facebook followers an exclusive offer. Make it something that only Facebook viewers would
know about so you get even more following. Let your followers know about the exclusiveness of the
deals and tell them to tell others to follow you to so they can get the exclusive deals too.

Consider Boosting Posts

Technically, Facebook offers free advertising, but if you want to push things along, you may consider
paying for boosted posts. When you boost a post, you’re in charge of who sees it because you choose
your target audience and Facebook puts your post in front of those that meet the demographics you
entered. It won’t break the budget since you choose the amount you spend.

Consider having Facebook as a big part of your branding. You’ll increase your audience and have more
chances to communicate with your target audience, turning them into customers, rather than just
viewers. Facebook is versatile, fun, and may even be free depending on how you use it to market your

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