Amplify Team Spirit At March Madness With Clamorous Custom Cowbells

march madness cowbells

A sea of orange and blue flooded State Farm Center as the Fighting Illini face off against Ohio State. The boisterous crowd made their presence known with the traditional Illini chants accompanied by the clangorous rings of cowbells. The chants roared, and cowbells were rigorously rattled as the final buzzer thundered; 91-88(OT) the Fighting Illini secures the Big Ten Tournament Title for the first time since 2005. Seated at a local coffee house, I jumped from my seat and joined the rest of the joyous students, who abandoned their studies, to celebrate the victory. Chants echoed in the small coffee house, accompanied by the same clamorous cowbell rings. It was awesome. 

Prior to the start of the game, this local coffee house was giving away small custom cowbells with every large coffee purchase. This custom cowbell continues to be displayed on my bookshelf-a memory of that amazing moment. 9 times out of 10, when I see that custom cowbell, I think of the local coffee shop. I frequently visit the local coffee shop, not only for their coffee but my association to the Illini’s victory is paired to that place. Every time I bring a friend to this coffee house, I retell the moment of the Illini’s victory and the excitement everyone shared on that day. That is the power of effective marketing in the form of a custom cowbell. 

How Custom Cowbells Can Create Customer Loyalty 

Custom Cowbells are promotional products. Promotional products are items imprinted with an advertiser’s name, logo, or message with the purpose of increasing brand awareness in consumers. Promotional products are the only form of advertisement that allows consumers to interact with a brand on a physical level- creating a memorable brand experience, for example, the custom cowbell on my bookshelf. 

Benefits of Promotional Items For Business Branding 

  • Boost brand visibility 
  • Customer Retention 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Cost-effective Marketing Strategy 
  • Long-Term Brand exposure 


Additionally, to optimize the effect of promotional products, your business must consider the target audience and any major upcoming events. Take my local coffee shop, for example. A coffee shop’s goal is to sell coffee, not basketball products. They launched a brilliant March Madness campaign and not only streamed the games but also used custom cowbells as an incentive to purchase their products. They took it a step further and made these custom cowbells memorabilia by imprinting Ayo Dosunmu’s iconic face shield under their brand logo. 

As Mach Madness approaches, consider amplifying your city or town’s team spirit with custom cowbells! Whether you’re a large corporate business or a local coffee, capture the crowd with customer cowbells by Perfect Imprints.

Custom Cowbells: A Forever Promotional Product 

Why custom cowbells? Why not megaphones, pennants, or custom thundersticks? All of these are great, however, they have limitations. For example, pennants are decorative but once hung, they are completely immobile. Custom cowbells, however, are: 

  • Durable 
  • Walking advertising 
  • Space-friendly 
  • Attention-grabbing 


The ultimate forever product, custom cowbells are a must-have promotional product for March Madness. Perfect Imprints offers many different types of cowbells–all different shapes, sizes, and colors, but here are two of the most popular types of custom cowbells. 

Small Cowbell 

The most space-friendly and economical custom cowbell, this promotional product is terrific for a free with purchase type of advertising. Similarly to my custom cowbell, it doubles as the perfect dorm room memorabilia. Available in 10 colors, these 3” in. custom cowbells fit any small business’s budget. 

Large Cowbell 

Turn up the noise with the large custom cowbell! Perfect for anticipated March Madness games such as team rival games, semi-finals, and the championship finale, the large custom cowbell is sure to grab the town’s attention. An ideal promotional product giveaway for raffles or for the first 100 people in the stadium. Additionally, the large custom cowbells can also be a gift for game sponsors, executive/VIP guests, and courtside seat ticket purchasers. A great corporate desk decor sure to rack in high-paying customers. 


Whether it’s a college student’s dorm bookshelf or an executive’s large corporate desk, custom cowbells have a place in anyone’s space. Further, for any sports enthusiast or college student, cowbells will be reused giving your brand continuous exposure. Truly a forever promotional product, custom cowbells are sure to be memorable for your brand- the first step to establishing a long-term customer. 


Slam Dunk With Custom Cowbells! Contact Us Today! 

Create a brand experience that lasts! Contact Perfect Imprints today and get started on your custom cowbells. You still have time before March Madness fever bites! A whopping 85% of recipients do business with brands that give out promotional products. Rack in an 85% increase with custom cowbell by Perfect Imprints! Be memorable and build a lasting connection with Perfect Imprints! Contact Us Now!

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