Medical Marketing Made Easy During American Heart Month

American Heart Month in February raises awareness for heart disease. In 1960, about 662,000 people died due to heart disease. In 2010, only around 600,000 people died of heart disease. By increasing awareness of risk factors, we can continue to decrease the fatality rates associated with heart disease.

Many companies want to raise awareness for American Heart Month with customers and patients by giving away heart promotional products. Great items to give to customers can include customized pens, keychains, magnets, and other fun items like the ones below.


Buttons are a great promotional item because patients and customers wear these buttons out for thousands of people to see. When these buttons have your logo on them, this is building your brand’s reputation and increasing brand awareness. This can often lead to new customers or patients for your company. Also, custom buttons are an investment for the company because the same buttons can be used year after year, and you can always re-order more if you run out. 

Heart Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is a creative way to stay relevant to your customer for years to come. Measuring tapes are something that many of us will hold onto for years and often keep in convenient places such as a kitchen drawer or even in our purses and cars. If you want to make sure that your brand stays familiar for many years, a promotional measuring tape is a great item for your next giveaway.

Heart Stress Relievers

What better to promote cardiac care than a heart? An anatomical heart model in the form of a squeezie! These make for great promotional products for all ages because it can be used as a stress reliever for adults while it is a perfectly safe toy for young children. Stress relievers can be used for promos year round and in a variety of ways, such as for use as spirit items. The variety of uses means your patients and customers will be using this item for many months. 

Custom Coasters

Heart shaped coasters make for a great item to promote your company both as a giveaway and within the business during American Heart Month. Custom coasters in a waiting room or lobby create a cohesive brand and build brand awareness for new patients and customers. Coasters will last a long time so they maintain their value and use over years. Coasters will continue to be used by a customer and will make sure that your brand stays relevant and maintains presence beyond the end of American Heart Month. To get a custom branded look on a budget, check out our Thrifty Thursday post on coasters

Jar Openers

Jar openers are promotional products that will be used for quite some time in your customers’ kitchens. Custom openers are budget-friendly giveaway item that also makes sure your company is on people’s minds for years. When purchasing these items, you can also choose a design that works for any occasion. These jar openers can be added to other heart promo gift sets and become a useful giveaway item for your office year-round. Items that are timeless in use and will be utilized by customers again and again are an investment, not an expense! 

For your staff:

Sometimes, these promotional products may not be used for marketing to customers and patients, but given to staff. As a company, it is important to say thanks-especially to the staff, nurses, providers, and physicians, that make American Heart Month safer and healthier each year! As a thank you to your staff, consider giving them promotional heart items such as:

Mouse Pad

Mouse pads are great promo items to give to your employees because they are useful year-round, not just during American Heart Month. These lasting gifts will be the perfect reminder of your thanks. To see the various shapes, sizes, and colors of our mouse pads, click here

Badge Holders

Heart shaped badge holders are great promotional items for staff working in cardiac care, not just during American Heart Month but year round. These badge holders help establish cardiac care professionals from other specialties and will be recognizable by all patients as well as staff. Customized badge holders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be found on our website

Gel Bead Hot/Cold Packs

Hot/cold packs can be perfect promotional items for medical facilities since they are often used by both patients and staff. Custom heart shaped packs are a great way to reinforce your brand while also caring for your patients this February. These are also reusable promotion items, so they will continue to benefit your marketing plan for months to come. 

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are useful promotional items because they spread the word to many more people than just the person to whom you give them. These sticky notes will end up in the hands of friends, employees at other companies, patients or customers and even end up in the personal lives of your employees. With these notes reaching so many people, why wouldn’t you want to customize them with your logo? Heart shaped sticky notes will bring your staff joy during American Heart month and be a reminder of your thanks into future months. 

For many medical facilities and companies, American Heart Month is a time for awareness campaigns and giving back to the staff. If your company is looking to raise awareness for American Heart Month, there are many products that can be customized with your logo. Contact us today to receive help preparing your promotional plan.

Bailey Toole
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Bailey Toole is the Marketing Manager at Perfect Imprints. Bailey is specialized in digital marketing and social media content development. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family at the beach and tailgating for Auburn football games.