Megaphones raise the voices and spirits of passionate fans

Personalized megaphones are great spirit items

Sports enthusiasts have a lot of options when it comes to making noise with spirit items. Thundersticks and clappers make a great big din, but it doesn’t convey a specific message. The rumble that comes from the stands can intimidate other teams, but sometimes it’s important to show support for specific athletes, plays and accomplishments.

Cheerleading megaphones are simple plastic cones that allow fans to raise their voices above the crowd. On some occasions, whether it’s the bottom of the ninth, fourth down or during a free throw, players will appreciate a little extra encouragement. Cheerleading megaphones allow a fan to be heard when she has something important to say.

One small addition to the megaphone that increases its use and value is the popcorn cap. Few snacks go as well with sporting events as popcorn does, and making it available in a useful plastic cone gives extra incentive for fans to make a purchase. The kernels of corn provide the energy that supporters need to raise their voices with a megaphone.

An ingenious solution to the expense and difficulty of providing a megaphone for the entire stadium is the board stock version. Constructed from thick cardboard paper, a board stock megaphone can be folded and assembled from a flat piece so that distribution is simple. The chant that goes up from the home team section will be deafening when teams elect to provide this great spirit item.

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