Miley Cyrus and Foam Fingers

Even though Miley Cyrus used a foam finger for naughty purposes in her 2013 VMA performance, foam fingers in general shouldn’t get a bad rap. If you haven’t seen Miley Cryrus’ VMA performance, I would suggest you spare your psyche the trauma of watching it. Custom foam fingers are still great spirit items to use at football games to cheer on your favorite team. They are also excellent products for fundraising for your booster club or school organizations.


Cheap Foam Fingers12″ # 1 FOAM FINGERS

Only 100 minimum quantity for $1.35 and less as you buy more. As low as $0.98. At this price, your booster club can raise some serious dough at football games.

16 inch foam hands with grabber handle16″ #1 FOAM HANDS WITH GRABBER HANDLE

Only a 65 piece minimum quantity for only $2.69 each or jump to the next quantity for $1.48 each. To save you money, these foam finger hands have been designed with a slot in the bottom of the product to grab with your fingers, rather than a mitt that you slide your hand in. This design reduces the amount of foam used as well as lessens the production time of the product.

18" #1 Foam Hands18″ NUMBER ONE FOAM FINGERS

Go bigger and still save money with this foam finger grabber hand. Only a 52 piece minimum order for $2.85 each or bump up to 104 quantity for only $1.85 each.

16 inch Foam Hands16″ # 1 FOAM HAND MITTS

These foam finger hands are mitts that you slide your hold hand inside. You don’t have to worry about contintually grasping the hand when you are cheering. 60 piece minimum order at only $2.79 each or 120 pieces at only $1.79 each.

22 inch foam fingers cheering mitts22″ # 1 Foam Hand Mitts

These oversized foam fingers weigh in at 22″ in height, yet the pricing is only $3.65 each for the minimum order of 50 hands or $2.65 each for 100 quantity. These giant foam hands are sure to make a statement!

If you are looking for more unique foam hand designs, we have a wide variety of other shapes such as a Three Finger HandFoam FistFour FingersOkay HandTrek HandWC Handmiddle finger, and much more! check out all of our foam fingers!

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