Mother’s Day Gifts In Bulk That Your Fitness Center/Gym Must Have

Who has more authority than Superman when they ask you to do chores? Whose scarier than the undertaker when you hear your full name being used? When you’re unsure about your allergies who do you ask? Not dad.  Who truly rules the house? Mothers. That’s right. Mothers are on a whole different level than the rest of the population. Juggling everything from family, work or school, extra circular school activities, and more Moms have a limited time for themselves. And even less time for their own fitness. Realistically, moms only have 45 minutes to 60 minutes to do some kind of workout. This means moms need a workout that’s fast, moderate to challenging level and engaging. As a frequent gym-goer, I’ve noticed that a majority of middle-aged women, especially moms, find fitness classes such as group workouts, cycling, Zumba, etc. more enjoyable and comfortable. According to Jonah Hales, chief operations officer at 12RND fitness, this has become commonplace in commercial gyms. “You go to spin classes, yoga classes … group-based exercise has more female participants,” says Hales. Commercial gyms, fitness centers, and Orange Theory listen up. Here are 3 Mother’s Day gifts in bulk that you can give out this year. 

Mother’s Day Gifts In Bulk For Fitness Centers and Gyms 

Branded Water Bottles 

Water bottles are a must-have in any group class. Take your water bottle game to the next level with the Laguna 32 oz, Bottle Flip Spout & Infuser. Multi-colored this eye-catching bottle features a fruit infuser to add extra nutrients and satisfying glacé to H2O. Brand this bottle with your company logo to complete a great Mother’s Day gift in Bulk. 

Cooling Towels

Wipe away any stress and sweat with the Very Kool Cooling Towel. Now available in custom dye sublimation. A full-color dye sublimation process allows you to completely customize your towel. Composed of polyvinyl acetal material this hyper-evaporative towel retains water while remaining dry to the touch to provide cooling relief. A perfect canvas to print your logo this Mother’s Day gift in bulk is a no-sweat item. 

Tote Bags

Lululemon. What was the first thing that came to mind? Their stylish, quality, popular tote bags. Your business can have the same stylish quality with our Full-Color Laminated Lululemon Style Tote Bag. Tote bags have become increasingly popular due to the rise in eco-friendly campaigns. Our tote bags are: 

  • Durable 
  • Degradable 
  • Sustainable 
  • Eco-friendly printing 

Perfect as a gym bag or for everyday use this Lululemon style tote is a multipurpose Mother’s Day gift in bulk you’re gym or fitness center should have in the bag. 

Marketing Tips For These Mother’s Day Gifts In Bulk 

Consider these tactics.  

#1 Prompt your Fitness classes using these gifts.

For example, let’s say your gym has a featured class for the week. Use any of these Mother’s Day gifts as an incentive to increase class sign-ups. Take it a step further and bundle the 3 items and advertise a “3 Class bundle” where members pay for 3 classes, so one class per week, and they receive these Mother’s Day gifts in Bulk.  Here’s an example campaign title: 

“Let’s get moving this Mother’s Day! Featuring our [insert class]. Sign up today and receive our special edition Mother’s Day [insert product]”. 

Make your gym gold standard with these Mother’s Day gifts in bulk. 

#2 Social Media Features 

Here’s an idea that can garner your fitness center/ gym with some social media presence. Encourage your members to post their progress on social media with your business’s hashtag. This progress picture can be your typical mirror selfie, a member’s recent HIIT workout calorie result, a group fitness class photo, etc. Something that your members are proud of. Level it up in April with a Mother’s Day social media feature.  Pick a few members, specifically a gym mom, to feature who you believe has shown the most progress within the month and feature them on your page. Reward them with any of these Mother’s Day gifts in Bulk. Here’s an example campaign title: 

“Flex Your Progress This April!” 

#3 Bring a Friend To Group Fitness Class 

On the week of Mother’s Day promote a ‘bring a friend to group class’ campaign. Consider. Members who are regularly attending some sort of group fitness class are allowed to bring one friend to their class. Both the member and their invited guest receive one of the following Mother’s Day gifts in bulk. However, if the member’s invited guest signs up for a membership or for more classes they get both get all 3 of the Mother’s Day gifts in Bulk products. 

Here’s an example campaign title: 

“Bring A Partner In Crime To Your Next insert class] and receive a special edition Mother’s Day [insert product]. 

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