National EMS Week 2015 Theme

EMS Week 2015 Theme - EMS STRONG
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Each May, National EMS Week is celebrated across the U.S. For 2015, EMS Week will be May 17-23. Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Day is May 20. EMS Week is planned and promoted each year by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). This year, they have partnered with NAEMT to create the 2015 theme, which is EMS STRONG.

The idea for the EMS STRONG campaign is to promote EMS all year, 365 days. EMS as whole doesn’t typically toot their own horn enough. Emergency Medical Services should create awareness to their communities all year long and not just during EMS Week.

EMS consists of EMT’s, paramedics, and emergency dispatchers. EMS is vital to the healthcare chain. Without them, our healthcare system would have significant challenges and many lives would be lost without our EMT’s and paramedics involved in the process. EMS is always on standby, even on holidays. They work long hours and often put themselves in harms way to helps others. National EMS Week is a time to give back to these dedicated workers who are there for us during our times of need.

Ways to Support National EMS Week

  • Volunteer – Contact your local EMS service to volunteer with their activities during the week.
  • Donate SWAG – EMS personnel rarely get praise. Find some great promotional products and brand them with your company logo. Then donate them to your local service for their employees.
  • Food – Offer to cater lunch for the EMTs, paramedics, and dispatchers for your local service.
  • Offer FREE Services – Offer free services from your business for EMS during this week or for a day. Decide what you can offer and contact your local EMS service with the details.
  • Offer Discounts – Many restaurants offer discounts for on-duty EMS personnel year round. However, during EMS Week, extend those discounts for their immediate family. They deserve a nice dinner with their spouse and kids at a discounted (or FREE) rate.

There are many other ways to support your local EMS. Call your local EMS service to find other ways to get involved. Show them you appreciate their dedication to serving you and your family. The next life they save could be yours.

Gift Ideas for EMS Week

Lunch Coolers for EMS WeekLunch Coolers

EMS personnel are always on-the-go. They have call after call and often never make it back to their station to eat lunch. Therefore, their choices are either have a packed lunch from home or grab fast food in between calls. However, eating fast food every shift is not only unhealthy, but also expensive. If all of the EMS personnel had nice lunch coolers, they could pack their drinks and lunch to eat when they catch a quick break. These lunch coolers can be printed with any logo on the front. Whether the EMS service purchases these for their employees or a company donates them to the EMS Service, these are a practical choice for EMT’s and paramedics.

Nice Pens for EMS WeekPens

Whether a paramedic is doing an emergency or non-emergency call, a good pen is a must. Nearly all paramedics carry two different pens: a cheap, disposable “patient pen” and their “good pen”. The patient pen can be thrown away if it gets bloody or nasty when a patient uses the pen to sign for consent for treatment. The “good pen” is reserved for the paramedic to use for recording patient vital signs, assessment findings, and charting the patient report. Premium pens can be either laser engraved or printed with your company logo and are very useful for EMS. Don’t skimp and get cheap pens or they will end up in the bloody hands of trauma patients and quickly be thrown away. On the other hand, if you give out a good quality pen, they will be reserved for the paramedic and be used often!

Promotional Water Bottles for EMS WeekWater Bottles

Since EMT’s and paramedics are constantly out in the community and away from their station, they have to bring their own drinks with them. Because of this, promotional water bottles are great giveaways for EMS workers. A few popular types include Tritan Bottles, Stainless Steel Bottles, or Aluminum Bottles. A good quality bottle is necessary since it will take a lot of abuse during its life cycle. EMS personnel are commonly exposed to dirt, blood, and other bodily fluids; therefore, a big consideration when getting water bottles for EMS personnel is to find a bottle with a covered lid. The covered lid keeps it clean to protect the paramedic when taking a drink.

Duffel Bags for EMS WeekDuffel Bags

EMT’s and paramedics work long shifts. 12 hour and 24 hour shifts are commonplace within EMS. There are many rural ambulance services that have 48 hour and 72 hour shifts. Because of these long shifts, changes of clothes, toiletries, and other supplies are necessary to pack for each shift. Duffel bags are great giveaways for EMTs and paramedics to use for their shifts. The sides of the bags can be printed with the EMS logo or a company logo if donated. The bag size should be directly related to the length of the shifts at the particular EMS service.

Power Banks for EMS WeekPower Banks

Thinking more about the long shifts and the constant on-the-go that most EMS workers experience, a power bank to charge their phone is a great giveaway for EMS Week. A mobile phone is the primary line of communication between the paramedic and the medical control physician. Also, this is often how the dispatchers will contact the EMS crew if they are not available by radio. Therefore, these power banks could be a lifesaver to keep their phone batteries fully charged.

EMS Week is such an important time to promote the EMS profession, as well as recognize these heroes in your community. This week can also be a great time to educate the public about the 911 system. Be sure to get involved with EMS Week, but make a point to support your local EMS all year and not just during this week in May.

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