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EMS Week 2015 Theme - EMS STRONG

The 42nd Annual National EMS Week will be observed May 15-21, 2016. This week of observation was initially authorized by President Gerald Ford in 1973 and has continued since, getting bigger and bigger each year as EMS has evolved to more advanced roles within the healthcare system.

For 2016, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) has partnered with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to promote National EMS Week. ACEP has done a great job in the past bringing awareness to the importance of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system. Now, NAEMT can bring additional first hand knowledge and experience to take this campaign to a higher level by infiltrating more EMS professionals on the ground level.

EMS Week 2016 continues the EMS Strong campaign with the theme, “Called to Care,” to honor the EMS practitioners who dedicate their time and energy to the exatrordinary public service of being available for our communities around the U.S.

Another component of EMS Week is promoting community awareness of the EMS system and its personnel. Promoting the great services to local communities helps build support for the system as a whole, which can help increase respect for EMS professionals, better funding and subsidization, and increased awareness for future capabilities of EMS.

Taking care of your own is an important task for any company, including an EMS Service. Therefore, showing appreciation with gifts during National EMS Week is a perfect way to honor your dedicated EMTs, paramedics, and emergency dispatchers. Below you will find several gift ideas that are practical for your EMS team.

EMS Week Gift Ideas For EMTs and Paramedics

20 oz. Stainless Steel Coffee Tumblers - Great EMS Week Gifts20 oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler

Working EMS shifts is often a non-stop job without a break. Going from call to call without downtime can be exhausting. That means coffee often becomes a necessity to keep going and to stay alert. These stainless steel vacuum insulated tumblers are excellent for EMTs and paramedics on the go because they keep coffee hot for at least 3 hours. If your employees don’t drink coffee, these are also great for cold drinks, keeping ice for nearly 24 hours. Your EMS logo can be printed on the side of the tumblers while helping to promote EMS pride for your ambulance service.

Custom Rescue Knife - EMS Week GiftsRescue Knife

As a pre-hospital medical practitioner or sometimes referred to as a “ditch doctor,” paramedics have to make split decisions that can save lives. Many of those split decisions are made on the side of a road while on the scene of a motor vehicle collision. Rescuing patients from a vehicle may include breaking a window, cutting a seat belt, or summoning the Jaws of Life. These Rescue knives are a perfect tool for your paramedics to carry since they offer a window punch, seat belt cutter, and a sharp knife blade should they need it to improvise during their course of patient rescue. Your EMS logo can be laser engraved on the handle.  You can bet this will be a favorite gifts among your crew.

EMS Duffle Bag that is Budget Friendly - EMS Week GiftBudget Barrel Duffel Bag

With long shifts, up to 24 hours long, a bag for your gear is mandatory. Budget priced barrel bags are great if you have a limited budget for EMS Week gifts. These duffel bags are made of 210D polyester, so they are lightweight and include a zipper closure to keep your contents secured in the bag. Your logo is printed on the side of the bags. If you have a higher budget, be sure to check out some of the premium bags that make great EMS Week gifts for your employees.

Power Banks make great EMS Week GiftsPower Banks

When you are on the go all day, a power bank to recharge your phone and other mobile devices charged and ready to go can certainly come in handy. These slim power banks are easy to store and have enough juice to fully charge an iPhone. Choose from several different colors and have your EMS logo printed on the power bank. Mobile phones have become an important part of communication within the EMS system, so keeping a fully charged battery is important in case disaster strikes.

Premium pens make great EMS Week gifts for parameidcsPremium Pens

Even though most patient care reports (PCR) are digital now, paramedics still have the need for a good pen. Every seasoned paramedic understands that your good pen is different than your “patient pen.” You don’t let anyone use your good pen and you only let patients use your “disposable” pens that you don’t mind losing or getting bloody or dirty. Giving your paramedics a premium pen is a great way to show your appreciation during EMS Week. Shop all premium pens here.

Performance Hat EMS GiftsBranded Hats

EMS crews spend a lot of time outdoors at the scenes of accidents, so a good quality cap is a great gift to help keep the sun out of their face. Hats are also great to cover up your “bed head” when responding to calls in the middle of the night. These performance fabric caps are made of a polyester mesh moisture wicking fabric to prevent sweat build-up as well as to prevent odor accumulation. Have your EMS logo and service name embroidered on the front of the caps to be part of your daily uniform. Your crew will love them!

Screen Printed T-Shirts

In between calls at the station, taking off your uniform shirt is common to get a little more comfortable. Therefore, it’s important to have a branded t-shirt underneath your uniform. Also, EMS personnel like to support EMS while off-duty by wearing EMS-related t-shirts. Giving out custom designed t-shirts promoting EMS Week is a perfect way to celebrate and promote the week. We can help create a custom design to commemorate the week and show your community and employees that your ambulance service is a proud support of National EMS Week.

EMS Week Community Give Aways

EMS Week is not only about recognizing and appreciating EMS professionals, but also about promoting community awareness for the incredible sacrifices of EMS professionals. Giving away promotional items is a great way to promote EMS Week, as well as your ambulance service. Below are a few items to give away to your local community.

EMS Coloring BooksColoring Books

Young children love coloring books and these items are great to educate kids about EMS. Educating our young helps them to not be as afraid of EMT’s or paramedics. Promotional coloring books also help children understand the roles that EMS professional fill in the healthcare system. These non-threatening items can be printed on the front with your EMS logo to promote your service to your community. Choose from several different EMS-related coloring books. These are great to give away at day cares and for the younger grades at elementary schools.

Custom Ambulance MagnetAmbulance Magnets

Everyone knows your emergency number, 911. It is pounded in the heads of children since they first learned to talk. However, not everyone knows your direct number for those non-emergency calls such as facility transfers. Magnets with your phone number printed on them are great, low-cost promos to give out in mass to your community. These ambulance shaped magnets are perfect for the job and they will stick around on refrigerators all over your city or county.

Promotional Water BottlesPromotional Water Bottles

Water bottles can be both cost-effective and useful, so they make great community giveaways to promote National EMS Week. Have your EMS logo printed on the side of the bottles along with your phone number. Then print a reminder about what EMS Week is all about on the opposite side of the bottles. These promo bottles are low enough in cost to give away in mass quantities. Choose your desired lid color for these white, economy water bottles and they will be used for years by recipients. Should your budget allow, you can always opt for higher quality water bottles such as Tritan bottles or stainless steel water bottles.

Promotional Pens

Pens are one of the most popular promotional giveaways of all times. That is because recipients keep pens for a long time and they use them often, making the low cost items excellent investments. Everyone loves the traditional Bic Clic Stic Pen; however, these Bic pens are printed all over in full color, making them more noticeable and thus more valuable as marketing tools. We can help create a beautiful design to promote both National EMS Week and your ambulance service. These best-selling pens keep working for years and once you begin giving them out, you’ll see them all over the hospitals, medical clinics, restaurants, and other popular destinations your crews visit.

National EMS Week only comes once per week and this is a great time to give your local EMTs and paramedics a well-deserved pat on the back. I can assure you it’s rare for them to receive appreciation during an average shift. Not only should their employer recognize them during this week, but local business can get involved and show their appreciation for their tireless and thankless service they provide to the local community. So go ahead and shop for EMS gifts now to support National EMS Week in May.

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