National EMS Week 2019

National EMS Week24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year they are on call. Yes, even on Christmas Day, Easter morning, Labor Day, and every other holiday. They wait on standby, just in case they receive a call from you, one of your family members, one of your friends, or anyone else in your community. They don’t care about your job title. They don’t care about your income status. They don’t care about your ethnic background. They only care about your well being. They go weeks, months, or sometimes years without a simple “Thank You.” They are out in the rain, snow, sleet, tornados, and even hurricanes. While others are taking cover during a storm, these dedicated professionals are gearing up to go out and face the storm to serve the public. Their paychecks don’t even begin to reflect the level of professionalism, dedication, and the danger they face on a daily basis. While on duty, they rarely get to finish a complete meal or even get fully to sleep before duty calls. They work long shifts sacrificing their time with their family. With all of the dedication these individuals put forth, the average American rarely even thinks about them, that is, of course, until they are needed!

The heroes I am talking about are our EMS professionals, which includes EMTs, paramedics, first responders, and emergency dispatchers. Their primary function is to save lives! With many EMS systems, the fire departments are integrated with the emergency response system and the fire department acts as the first responders. The profession of a paramedic has significantly advanced over the past decade. Out of the hospital setting, paramedics can perform many advanced, life-saving procedures that are typically only reserved for physicians. Paramedics have a large arsenal of emergency medications they can dispense during medical emergencies. They are extensively trained in the stabilization and emergency treatment of those who have sustained traumatic events such as motor vehicle accidents, falls, gunshot wounds, knife wounds, and blunt trauma. The knowledge and training is not something that comes easy. It takes several years of schooling, training, and experience to master these skills and the knowledge set required to perform as a paramedic. In addition, paramedics spend countless hours each year simply refreshing their skills and gaining new knowledge to better serve their patients.

For one week out of the year, I suggest that we honor the incredible work that our EMS workers perform. For one week, let’s make it all about them. For 2019, National EMS Week is May 19th through May 5th. This week we should do for our community EMS workers who put it all on it line for very little appreciation. Here are some ideas for honoring your local EMS workers for National EMS Week starting on May 19:

  • Provide lunch or dinner for their shift.
  • Drop off snacks for them to enjoy for the week.
  • Have kids from your school or church write letters and draw pictures for them.
  • Provide custom EMS gifts for them with your business logo on them.
  • Provide useful gifts they could use during their shifts such as duffel bags, coolers, insulated lunch bags, books, and other items.
  • Throw a party in their honor.
  • Give them gift certificates to restaurants and local area attractions.
  • Personally tell them “Thank You”.
  • If you own a restaurant, give them FREE meals for the week, while on duty.

There are many things you can do for our EMS workers to show your appreciation. With this celebration of EMS Week, businesses can use this time to not only thank our EMS personnel but also to promote themselves at the same time. This can happen by buying EMS gifts. Custom coolers are great items that can be personalized with your business logo and phone number and a personalized imprint about EMS Week 2015. The star of life as pictured above is a symbol of EMS which can be incorporated into the design. Because EMS workers often work 24 shifts (and some longer), they typically bring some sort of backpack or duffel bag to work with them each day. Why not provide nice, high quality,  personalized backpacks with your company logo and a message of support for EMS printed on the backpacks?

Other things businesses can do to promote EMS Week is to have custom printed items that are lower in price printed and distribute to the community to promote EMS Week awareness. Items such as promotional pens and pencils are cheap and great items to give away to large crowds and make them aware of the work EMS does. With your business showing support of such an important profession shows your customers and potential clients that you care about the community.

If you would like help finding EMS gifts to promote EMS Week or just want EMS Week ideas, be sure to contact one of our promotional product experts at 1-800-773-9472.

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