A Season Of Giving: How To Use Promotional Products To Raise Funds For Non-Profit Organizations 

Picture this. It’s December first and you’re making your daily stop at your local Target when you hear bells ringing. As you approach the entrance the ringing gets louder and you notice a man dressed as Santa Claus with a red bucket and sign that reads “The Salvation Army”. Most of you have seen this since you were a kid. But for those who don’t this loud spectacle is part of the nonprofit organization known as the Salvation Army. They collect money from the public in various ways such as their Santa Claus campaign. There are an estimated 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States and each one relies on public support. According to a study by The Nonprofit Times, in 2019 public support was ranked number one in ‘Aggregate Revenue by Category of Top 100 Nonprofits in the U.S.’ with an estimated $46.6 billion in public support collection. Below are the top most popular nonprofit organizations: 

With millions of nonprofit organizations to choose from, your business or brand should consider collaborating with one this Holiday season. Now you could opt for a salvation army style event or use promotional products to help raise funds for your nonprofit organization of choice. Here’s how your brand or business can get into the season of giving with promotional products for nonprofit organizations. 

Raffle Fundraiser With Gift Basket For Nonprofit Organizations 

Hosting a Christmas raffle event at your store? Consider these 3 gift baskets as example prizes: 

Promote your fundraiser campaign by selling raffle tickets or creating a ‘discount’ pack that customers can buy for a fixed price and their names are automatically raffled in. Alternatively, your business can ask for donates during checkout for example $1 gets them entry to the 3rd place prize pool and $10 gets them into the 1st place pool. 

Collaborating with the local non-profit sports organizations in your community? Get the athletes and coaches involved with our sports-themed gift baskets such as the Gift Basket with Chocolate Basketballs. Instill some entrepreneurship in these young athletes by giving them the opportunity to raise money through some friendly competition by selling as much of these sports-themed gift baskets to friends, family, etc. Reward the top 3 earners with a personalized short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirt

Featuring a wide array of gift baskets from economical to premium there is sure one for your nonprofit organization. 

Custom Tumblers For Nonprofit Organizations 

Here’s a fun fundraiser campaign for your nonprofit organization using custom tumblers. Why tumblers? Well, tumblers are an all-around product used in many career fields. This gives your nonprofit organization a broader audience demographic. How to capture this demographic is the fun part. Here’s an idea for your nonprofit organization to try. Say you’re a nonprofit organization focused on pediatric diseases. Get the children involved by turning their drawings into art on these custom tumblers such as the 19 Oz. Everest Clarity Tumbler. Unique yet genuine designs these tumblers are sure to capture the public’s hearts. A great and inspiring way to bring attention to your nonprofit organizations these tumblers can give as a gift or simply an individual’s daily coffee vessel. Further the Everest Clarity tumbler features: 

  • Acrylic Outer And Inner
  • Double Wall Construction For Insulation Of Hot Or Cold Liquids
  • Snap-On, Spill-Resistant Thumb-Slide Lid
  • BPA Free

With tons of variety from acrylic to stainless steel vacuum-insulated tumblers, there’s the perfect coffee vessel for your nonprofit organization. 

A Hat Tip For Your Nonprofit Organization 

Hats are one of the most popular and most-kept promotional products. Hats such as the Washed Cotton Dad Cap are the perfect stylish attention grabber your nonprofit organization needs. This cap features: 

  • 100% cotton twill-washed garment 
  • 6-panel medium profile 
  • Breathable mesh lining 
  • Adjustable leatherette strap with sliding buckle 

Print your nonprofit organization’s message or logo at the front of this cap for advertising exposure. How to market these hats? Here’s a cool idea. Collaborate with a social media influencer or live streamer and have them wear these hats for a certain time. Further, have these influencers or live streamers advertise your campaign on their online platform. Take it a step further and make an ‘exclusive’ hat drop specifically for them. Take your non-profit organization’s online presence to the next level and capture the Gen Z demographic! 

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