October Is American Pharmacist Month! Say Thank You With These Medical Promo items!

American Pharmacist month? Ever heard of it? No? Well, now you have. The American Pharmacist Association (APhA) recognizes October as the month to spotlight an underrated group of healthcare workers. Pharmacist. According to Corum Health Service, it “…focuses on pharmacists (and the pharmacy team) and all the ways they contribute to healthcare. It is a way to raise awareness and recognize all they do for their communities”. Say Thank You with these medical promo items! 

Wellness Medical Promo Items 

Wellness/First aid kits are great medical promo items to equip pharmacists in case of emergency situations. The Cinch Drawstring First Aid Kit is the on-the-go medical promo kit. Made for quick patches until other expensive medical kits are present. Packed with: 

  • Six Latex-Free Adhesive Bandages
  • Two Antiseptic Towelettes
  • Large Bandage
  • One Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packet
  • First Aid Guide

This portable medical promo kit can fit in any bag, pocket, or lab coat. The perfect quick grab medical promo kit the Cinch Drawstring First Aid is the portable tool for any pharmacist. 

Hand sanitizer 

Hand sanitizers are a no-brainer. The second best way, with handwashing at first, to prevent the spread of diseases hand sanitizers are essential resources for healthcare workers. The CDC recommends a hand sanitizer solution of at least 60% ethyl alcohol to be effective against Covid-19.  The 1 oz Custom Hand Sanitizer Gel contains 62% ethyl alcohol making it the germ-proof medical promo item every pharmacist needs. This medical promo item is fully customizable, featuring a full-color label. Get creative and print a warm thank you to all pharmacists this October all while protecting them with this medical promo item. 

Medical Promo Face Mask 

Although Covid-19 is nearing its end, it’s had a magnitude effect on healthcare. Most hospitals or clinical settings are still taking extra precautions and protections. Face masks are still required by most medical institutions to be worn by staff thus making the KN95 Face Mask a great medical promo item. This medical promo face mask features: 

  • Non-Woven fabric
  •  Ear belt is purified cotton
  • Certification: CE, FDA KN95
  • High efficient filtration for harmful viruses.

Made to protect with its high filtration material this medical promo face mask is a must-have gift for Pharmacist Month.

Are the mask loops an annoyance? We’ve got the solution. The Adjustable Clip-On Ear Saver is the perfect medical promo accessory. Surgical masks are not always comfortable, especially for those who wear glasses. This medical promo accessory achieves all-day comfort. This adjustable size ear saver attaches to a face mask’s ear loops behind the user’s head and can be adjusted from small to large. 

R&R Medical Promo Gifts 

Show your company’s appreciation by sending your local pharmacist the gift of relaxation with the Rest And Relaxation Kit. Much like other healthcare workers, pharmacists grind out long hours give provide them with some ease with this medical promo item. A much needed R&R this medical promo kit provides: 

  • Star Shaped Massager 
  • Small Round Gel Beads Hot/Cold
  • Ear Plugs & Eye Mask
  • Travel Neck Pillow 
  • Lip Moisturizer 
  • The Art Of Relaxing Adult Coloring Book 
  • Blackwood 12-Piece Colored Pencil Set In Tube With Sharpener

Packed all in a jute tote bag completely reusable as needed. This medical promo kit is sure to bring some much-needed at-home R&R. A great medical promo item to say thank you! 

Contact Us Today! 

October will be here before you know it! Don’t wait to contact us today! Send a sincere thank you to your local pharmacist this October with our medical promo items! Give them something they’ll use such as a medical promo mask or CDC-approved hand sanitizer. Show your company’s appreciation by giving out our rest and relaxation kit. Choose from our wide array of medical promo items and we’ll handle the rest! Contact Us Today!

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