Offering Containers: A Unique Marketing Tool To Reach Church Goers

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Churchgoers not only devout their time to worship but also other offerings. In the Bible, an offering is an act of gratitude to God. In the time of Moses, the religious leader and other followers of God made offerings in the form of agricultural products such as wheat, barley, oil, animals, and one-tenth of their income also known as a tithe. Tithes are customary in Christian churches. In 8th England, Tithes became secular law and were used to support the clergy, maintain churches, and assist the poor. Throughout the centuries this law was abolished, however, the act of offering to God is rooted deep in Christianity. These offerings are usually in the form of money donations during the Offertory segment of worship. Offering containers are passed between the pews. As a business, this presents a unique opportunity to reach this demographic. Promotional offering containers are special marketing tools that not many businesses think to use. Here are our top 4 promotional offering containers for your brand to reach the church community. 

The Classic Offering Container

Wicker Baskets 

A traditional and iconic offering container wicker baskets are a classic. The use first records of wicker used in civilization date back to 3000 B.C. Laced with history and handcrafted from generational methods various materials have been made to make wicker such as: 

  • Rattan 
  • Willow 
  • Cane Reed 
  • Raffle 
  • Bamboo 
  • Plastic 
  • Synthetic Resin

Our Classic Wicker Basket is handmade by a local artist with the use of natural reeds woven into beautiful yet durable baskets. The inside is lined with beige synthetic silk for added elegance. A classic offering container the wicker basket is an ideal first pick as a marketing vessel for your business to reach Sunday service.   

Round Wicker Baskets 

Although not as elegant as the classic wicker basket this Round Wicker Basket is a perfect alternative for your offering container needs. This minimalist take on a classic offering container is also handcrafted from bamboo rattan and is woven using a 200-year method passed down from generations. Coming in 3 sizes these offering containers can be strategically placed by entrances, reception desks, or simply used during the offertory. 


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Offering Containers For The Altar Rails 

Wall mount donation boxes are the perfect way to have what we call long-term company exposure. Consider donating a wall mount donation box to your local minister or church. Our offering container is made with thick clear acrylic. Stamp this offering container with your brand logo or print a collaborative design with the local church. Churches will conveniently place these offering containers by the altar rails and stay there for years. As people go to use the altar rails they will see your brand association with the church and have your business in the back of their minds. 

Kid Size Offering Containers 

Children are an important aspect of many churches. I myself attended Sunday service and Sunday School right after. I remembered mirroring altar prayers at Sunday School and my church had this neat children’s size donation box conveniently placed by our eye levels. It got us to practice traditional church habits and each time I used the altar rails my parents gave me my own dollar to put into the kid-size offering container. The Mini Donation Box is the perfect way to help church children to practice the act of offering. This mini offering container is made of the same acrylic as the wall mount donation box but it features a sign header for custom messages. Add your business’s logo along with a bible verse or hopeful message to this offering container. 


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An Offering Container At Your Business

Collecting offerings for your local church is a great way for your business to give back. Consider placing a custom offering container at your store front such as the Donation Bank Box. Available in two colors this offering container features an oval slot that is large for both bills and coins. Consider this marketing strategy. These boxes are fully customizable a perfect canvas for any design. Run an art contest at the local church to design these boxes. This allows your business to engage with the church community and produce a design that is authentic and one of a kind. A fun and engaging offering container tool. 


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Reaching a new demographic within the community doesn’t have to be tough. At Perfect Imprints, we provide quality customizations at economical rates. We take marketing to a new creative level with promotional products such as offering containers. Let Us help your business reach a community of devout individuals with our promotional offering containers: a  unique marketing tool to reach churchgoers. We’re one click away!

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