On the Go: Using Custom Power Banks to Promote Your Business

Custom Power Banks

Are you looking for the perfect gift for attendees of a trade show? Want to know how to make an impression with corporate giveaways?

Here’s a creative and unique tip: provide custom power banks as your corporate gifts.

Did you know that it takes 1kWh to power your mobile phone for a year? In 2013, that amount of electricity would’ve cost you only 12 cents. It’s not much, but phone usage in 2013 wasn’t as bad as it was now.

Now, we need power banks to keep our phones going throughout the day. This is one reason why they are the perfect promo gifts at company events.

Want to know the other reasons? Read on below for more on why giving away custom power banks will do your business good.

1. People Will Always Use Power Banks

When you think about how you will choose the perfect promotional item for your company, you have to consider a few things. First off, does it target your specific market? Is it an item they’ll pick up and use often?

You can look at power banks similarly to custom coffee mugs or pens. These are useful, thoughtful gift items that the receiver will often need.

After all, who doesn’t need a power bank in this age of technology? What’s better to use than a power bank?

Power banks are great gifts and promotional items at trade shows. They will be useful to everyone who receives one. The more people use them, the more often they will see your company name or brand.

They are compact enough to bring everywhere. This means a customer could use your power bank in places like a café, the library, or the bank. This makes it a highly-visible charging device.

They may come with built-in output cords or without any. Some power banks have wireless speakers as well. There is no limit to your choice of corporate giveaway item.

Moreover, these portable chargers are perfect for most mobile devices. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you could still charge on a power bank—that is, given that you have the appropriate phone connector.

The thing is, power banks are not limited to recharging mobile phones. Power banks can add battery life to tablets and iPads too. There are also some that could charge laptops.

The flexibility and practicality of power banks make them powerful gift choices. If you want to give a good impression at your first trade show, we recommend this promotional gift type.

2. Your Logo Is Always on Display

Marketing is always your main goal with these promo items.

Do you want to know how you can do one better on the branded power bank game? Place your logo on both sides of it.

Feel free to engrave more than your logo on your promotional phone chargers. If you want, you could place your contact information, address, and motto. You could put in a promotional message too.

You could also put in the name of the tradeshow they received it in, the date, and location. This helps them remember what your company showcased at the event, other than power banks. And when other people see it, it makes for a great conversation topic.

Add personal value to your general marketing message. Power banks have great value to phone users who run out of battery before the day ends. They will love your promo gift, and they’ll love your company for giving it to them.

It would be a smart move to give out these promo items at business conferences. That way, you are advertising to potential business partners as well. Later, we’ll focus more on how this gift type can create excellent business relations.

3. People Share Power Banks

Power banks are the kinds of things you share with your friends. We’ve stated before how others could see your brand on the power banks. It is a big advantage of putting your company brand on them.

Imagine the hobbies of the many recipients of your customized gifts. Imagine the circles they could belong in. Some may be vloggers with a large following on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Imagine having custom leather power banks made for a corporate conference. Here’s one we really like: Envoy 4000 mAh Leather Power Bank. Corporate recipients could use your power bank on the plane ride to their next business trip. They could even sit next to other corporate members with whom they may lend it to.

When people let others charge from your customized power bank, you are saving tons. Advertising this way is cheaper and more interesting than the typical advertising methods. Compared to mass media advertising, the cost of impression is cheaper.

Your customers are your ambassadors, often without their conscious knowledge. When they make your power banks an extension of their fashion, they are even stronger ambassadors of your brand. So, make sure you have different color choices for your giveaway.

Of course, this works when you pick out the kind of power bank that has 2 or 3 USB ports. It would be difficult to share a power bank with only one USB port. Make sure to also pick out power bank units with decent capacity.

4. Power Banks Are High-End Gifts

It’s not every day you get a free power bank by going to a trade fair. Promotional power banks are big-deal gifts. With these kinds of custom gifts, your company will get a lot of attention.

Imagine offering one to a manager or supervisor of another company. The initial surprise of the impressive item will generate interest in your business. If you play the right cards, you could gain a new, potential business partner within the period of the event.

The idea of getting a power bank as a free promotional item is impressive to the attendees who receive one too. You never know who goes to these trade shows. Don’t get surprised if you find your promotional item on social media.

In fact, wouldn’t it be great to see influencers talking about the power bank they got from your company? With their help, you get to improve customer image and perception of your business. They don’t know it (or they might) but they’re being wonderful ambassadors for your company.

Placing an imprint of your logo on the power banks isn’t going to be enough! Remember that you want to give a customized gift. Yet, you’re giving these gifts to advertise.

All gifts need good presentation and decoration. Look into how to best present your custom power banks. The act of handing out imprinted power banks is not going to sell it with a big enough bang.

Should you package them in boxes or paper bags? How decorative will the package design be? Make it less pricey with an eco-friendly approach; reuse or recycle packaging materials.

5. Custom Power Banks Create Buzz

This type of gift creates a lasting impression even outside of the event attendees. You are providing these custom phone chargers to people who are likely to spread the word. If people didn’t hear it from social media, they’d hear it from friends who came to the event.

When people get word of your awesome giveaway gift, there’s a chance they will attend the next trade show. They could even go to an event your company hosts in hopes of getting the same freebie. There is also a chance that people will buy your company’s products in hopes of getting their own power banks.

Another way to get people talking about your company is to follow this year’s promotional products trends.

This is the psychology of giveaway marketing. Quality giveaways put a bias in people’s minds. Make sure that kind of partiality is beneficial to your company.

It’s like when GM gave away 300 new Pontiac G6s through Oprah’s show. It got a ton of media attention throughout the world. GM got everyone talking about its new car and enhanced its public reputation.

Of course, to each his own giveaway freebie item of choice. A small business can’t compete with that kind of giveaway marketing strategy. Power banks are valuable enough to everyone, so stick to it.

When you pick custom power banks as promo gifts, get ready for this kind of reaction. Stretch your marketing strategy period to last until after the trade show event. Make plans about what you could do with extra power banks or have more made in advance for this outcome.

6. Imprinted Power Banks Increase Sales

If your company gives tradeshow attendees promotional products, the attendees will remember your company name. In a study by Identity Works, this happened to 71% of tradeshow attendees. A good 76% of them had a favorable attitude towards that company.

Recipients of your gifts will feel that you value them. Thus, they are going to be leaning towards your brand. As stated above, this is the effect of the psychology of giveaway marketing.

There may also be an increase in sales because of brand awareness. Increased goodwill towards your brand as an effect of your goodwill is also a factor of better sales.

The real key to success is to take care of your customers and to make them feel cared for.

7. Develop Good Business Relations

Look past offering these power banks to customers. With power banks as promotional gifts, you’re not only benefiting your consumers. These branded promotional products are great ways to develop B2B relations too.

As stated above, power banks are powerful, high-end gifts. We also mentioned that they’re useful to anyone with a smartphone. Offer them to B2B partners and let them experience the same benefits.

Give your gifts to current and prospective business partners. You are building more trust between your company and theirs. Thus, you’re improving your B2B relationships.

There will be a better likelihood of growth for businesses when they work together. Make sure you keep all your promises and stay transparent to maintain that trust. Being a dependable business partner and having a dependable business partner is good for business.

Now, let’s talk about developing employee relations with these gifts. Did you get more power banks branded than there were attendees? Don’t fret because you can still give them to your staff.

Reward them with these gifts to remind them how valuable they are to the company. The more they feel valued, the more productive and motivated your staff is. It also backs up your company’s code on goodwill and sociability within your company’s community.

One more way to remind employees of your company’s slogan is with these promotional gifts. If you have your slogan embedded into them, it’s not a bad idea to give some branded power banks to your employees. They will remember the company slogan better and have their morale boosted.

If you are pro a campaign, you could let partners know through your power banks. For example, pick out solar-based power banks to show the company’s earth-friendly principles. Experts expect the market for solar-energy power banks to grow by 2022.

8. Picking Out Power Banks

There are many types of power banks on the market. There are those small enough to fit a pocket and others designed to recharge with solar energy. The common features are the multi USB ports and the added flashlight feature.

There are multifunctional designs as well. You could get a power bank that also acts as a phone stand. For a company event in the summer season, get power banks with a small fan as giveaways.

Consider affordability when you pick out the kind of power bank you will get. Don’t worry about the price since you will get them in bulk. Bulk-buying these charging devices will cost less in general.

Also, consider your target customers and what type fits them best. Should you choose power banks that can fit pockets, or are heavier and bulkier units better? Are you going to pick out a single color for all units, or will you get a colorful array to choose from?

Power up Your Company’s Standing with Power Banks

And that is why you should get custom power banks for your next corporate giveaway event.

Have we got you sold on why you should consider giving away power banks? Did you enjoy the read and find it informative? Let us know!

You can visit our office or you can contact us here! If you have any questions, you can also call us through our landline. Feel free to give our other blog posts a read for more information on promotional items.

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