Our Favorite Promotional Products For 2015

Top 5 Promotional ProductsAs a promotional products distributor, we are passionate about promotional items. We not only recommend and sell them, but we also use them.

We typically buy a new custom printed item supporting the Perfect Imprints logo at least once a month. We always try to buy products that are new, trendy, useful, or just a bit different than the rest.

Our clients love it because they often receive new and useful promotional items while at local networking meetings or by mail (for our out of state clients). 

Believe me when I tell you it’s good to be the one at meetings bearing gifts!

The products below that are on my favorites list are products that are tried and tested. They are products that are used often, sometimes daily. We have received numerous, positive feedback on these items, so I write this from experience and not simply from theory.

Favorite Promotional Products of 2015

30 oz. Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated TumblersStainless Steel Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Tumblers - Boss - Yeti

This is by far my favorite promo that we bought in 2015. These are essentially the same product as the Yeti Ramblers or the Boss Tumblers. From one test I did, it kept my coffee hot for 3 hours. That’s hot, not warm! For my ice water, it kept ice for well over 14 hours, when I abandoned the test, because if you don’t drink 30 ounces within 14 hours, then you aren’t drinking enough fluid. These mugs are incredible. Try them for yourself!

Custom Printed Stone Paper NotebooksStone Paper Notebooks

These journals are unique to say the least. The “paper” is unlike any you have encountered. Just as the name sounds, they are made out of natural stone. The pages in these notebooks are waterproof, anti-bacterial, tear-resistant, and smudge-resistant. These were the biggest hits with our clients this year; they absolutely love them! Save some trees and buy stone paper notebooks!

Premium Jumbo Drawstring BackpackPremium Drawstring Bags

Drawstring backpacks have been around for ages. They can be really useful when you need a small, non-bulky bag that cinches closed. For the typical drawstring backpack, if you get any weight in them, the skinny drawstrings that double as shoulder straps feel like they are going to cut you in two (or three?). However, we opted for this premium version, which features a durable mesh fabric, inside zip pocket, and large drawstring cords that don’t hurt your shoulders!

Custom Wine Bottle Stoppers - Full Color LogoWine Stoppers

We sent these out as Christmas gifts to some of our clients this year. The quality of this item is really impressive. From the moment you feel the weight, you realize how well this piece is constructed. Wine is most often enjoyed by those having a great time, so why wouldn’t we want our logo associated with those great times? Our feedback has been stellar on this item! The hardest part is getting a bottle of wine to last so the wine stopper can actually be used!

Custom Mouse Pads/Microfiber Screen CleanerMouse Pad Screen Cleaners

While mouse pads are not necessarily an exciting promotional product by itself, I really found these particular mouse pads very useful because the top is made out of microfiber, making it a handy screen cleaner. Since the majority of new laptops are touchscreen, that makes these convenient items to have around. The bottom has the typical non-slip bottom surface. However, the most useful feature about this mouse pad is that it is thin enough to close inside of your laptop, so it’s always available when you open it up!

We branded many more promotional products with the Perfect Imprints logo throughout the year, but the five products above are the ones I, personally, use the most and the same ones for which I received the most positive feedback from clients.


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