Our Social Media Advertising Campaign Process

It is our honor to market the brands we get the chance to work for, but it is our duty to respect each brand and its unique style. In order to make sure we develop quality social media advertising campaigns for each unique brand, we developed a process that ensures quality control while maintaining creativity. 

Step 1: The Consultation

This is likely the step you first met or will meet us during! We set up an initial (free) consultation with all potential customers. Sometimes, our clients come in knowing exactly what they want & need. Sometimes, our clients come in barely sure what their business is going to sell & in need of full brand development. No matter where you fall on this scale, I can guarantee you that you’re not the first one with your problem! But you may still be in a unique market or situation that we need to consider before developing your social media advertising campaign. This initial consultation is a way for our representatives to get a full understanding of your company. It also allows us to recommend the offering we think will best suit your needs. 

At this point, if you moved forward with the social media advertising campaign, you would be required to pay your setup fee, but would not be asked to pay a management fee. The setup fee goes towards the next step in the process.

Step 2: The Design Process

While not all agencies start with design, we find it to be the best “get-to-know-more” there is. Multimedia images and videos are a visual representation of your brand. It shows everything you stand for and the clients you stand to serve. Perfecting these designs often opens up conversations and details that may have not been addressed in the consultation. Our design process begins after your consultation when your account manager will reach out to your dedicated graphic designer and begin planning a few images for your social media advertising campaign. They will together develop a few samples and send those to you for review. Based on that feedback, your designer will provide you with the final designs for your approval. 

Step 3: The Setup

At this point, your account manager will begin setting up your ads with your desired ad spend. Since social media platforms begin billing upon setup, it is at this point that you would be asked to pay the management fee for your social media advertising campaign. 

Step 4: The Launch

Unfortunately, this is the one step we cannot control. Social media platforms require approval of all ad campaigns. These approvals are usually completed quickly & your ads are automatically live following the approval process. 

Step 5: The Management 

Your ads will be reviewed on a regular basis, and your account manager will monitor the creative content as well as the spending of your ad to ensure optimized performance throughout the social media advertising campaign, utilizing only creative materials which have been pre-approved during the design process. You will be provided with monthly reports, which include any larger revisions we recommend making, before the next monthly billing cycle. 

Looking for more information about our social media advertising campaign process? Check out our webpage on social media ad management.