In an age of digital marketing, custom popcorn bags may seem out-of-date. 

But the majority of people who receive branded promotional materials are more likely to develop a favorable impression of the company behind the item.

Custom popcorn bags are a fantastic way to promote your business. They also leave a positive impression in the minds of your potential customers.

Even if your company doesn’t have plans to market to moviegoers, these popcorn bags can still be used in plenty of other relevant events. Promotional popcorn bags will get your message across with a pop.

Custom-printed bags aren’t limited to popcorn. There are plenty of ways custom-printed bags can catch the attention of consumers.

Arts and crafts, bags for produce at farmers’ markets, even bags for local craft fairs or fundraisers; these are all great ideas.

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s dive into the world of custom-printed popcorn bags and see how these promotional items can go to work for you. 

Let’s Talk Pop(corn)

Popcorn has been around a lot longer than you may think.

Mexican funeral urns from 300 AD are decorated with images of a god with popped corn kernels decorating his headdress. This suggests that humans have been enjoying the treat at least since then.

When the colonists set foot in the United States, popcorn soon became a favorite snack. Easy to prepare and dress up with some fancy toppings, the colonists cemented popcorn’s place in the American diet.

Carnivals, circuses, and plenty of other public events became popular grounds to buy popcorn as a treat. Plus, it was still easy to prepare at home. When the Depression hit the United States, popcorn was cheap enough that it could still be enjoyed by all kinds of people.

It’s this cheap snack that started popping up in movie theaters, becoming the perfect accompaniment to eat while watching a movie. Popcorn is now synonymous with going to the movies, as much a necessity as peanut butter is to jelly.

Popcorn remains a pantry staple in the modern American home. It’s an easy snack with a decent nutritional level. There are tons of ways to dress it up, from simple butter and salt to decadent chocolate-drizzled desserts.

Custom Popcorn Bags Options

There are plenty of factors that will go into your decision to buy custom popcorn bags. A few may be obvious, but other factors may not be so obvious.

Sizing and Style

Custom popcorn bags are available in a whole host of different sizes and types. These types include a traditional bag, a sturdier carton design, or even a personalized popcorn bucket. 

These styles are also available in different sizes. This gives you and your business plenty of options when it comes to picking the right size and design.

There’s no lack of options when it comes to selecting a custom popcorn bag. Small bags are perfect for a community sponsorship event. Huge tubs are right at home in a movie theater.

There is no lack of options to suit your advertising needs.

Flexible Quantity Requirements

Say you’ve looked into personalized promotional materials before. You like the styles, but the smallest order requirements are still staggering.

It’s not impossible to find a company with a reasonable smallest order rate. For some small businesses, this is a critical step. Small orders allow them to invest money in other advertising.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a small order rate may be too small. Companies sponsoring massive events will need large orders of custom bags. Basketball tournaments and local film festivals see lots of attendees. 

Bulk orders of custom popcorn bags are a great way to save some money in the long run. Typically, the larger the order, the smaller the price per unit. This allows these larger companies to invest in a ton of marketing materials for a very reasonable rate.

You’ll be able to spread your company information to a ton of people for pennies. And you won’t be sacrificing advertisement in other areas of your budget.

Color Options

Size, style, and minimum orders are all incredibly important aspects to consider when it comes to popcorn bags. But another great feature to consider is the color.

Plain brown bags with a small logo aren’t always the best way to represent your company. Color is an easy way to attract the attention of numerous individuals. And it doesn’t cost a fortune to put this simple attention grabber into effect.

Color can work effectively in a few different ways. If your company has a signature color (for example, Tiffany’s robin egg blue). a colored popcorn bag is the perfect way to represent your company. 

You can always go with bright, eye-catching colors as well, or pair colors with opposing sports teams or characters in movies.

Color also gives your business the chance to contrast. Make your logo and business information pop. Pleasant contrasting colors are a great way to inspire. 

And positive inspiration sticks in the minds of customers.

Recycled Materials

Recycled popcorn bags are also a fantastic option for your business.

As global warming and the state of the planet become more concerning, individuals are becoming more eco-friendly. There’s no better way to represent your business and make a positive impact with a custom-printed popcorn bag made from recycled materials

Popcorn bags made from recycled materials send a positive message to your consumers. This allows them to easily associate your company with a great mission.

Even if you don’t have a public plan or commitment out there, recycled materials let your customers know that you’re serious about eco-friendly products. Creating this emotional connection between your company and a potential customer will solidify your place in that customer’s memory easily and effectively.

And recycled materials look just as sharp as mass-produced items, without the planet-harming effects of excessive waste or the resources required to make those mass-produced items.

Use Those Custom Popcorn Bags for All Kinds of Snack Promotions

Now that you’ve considered the different options of popcorn bags available to you and your company, it’s time to put those bags to work.

Of course, the most obvious use for a custom popcorn bag is for popcorn. And that’s a great use. But there are plenty of ways you can play with the concept of a popcorn bag.

Sure, it’s great to use at a concession stand, customized to different sizes, styles, and colors, and all imprinted with your company logo. But putting these bags to work for you is much easier than you might suspect.

Consider the Token Idea

The token idea can easily be put to use on a popcorn bag. 

You can have a “token” printed right on the popcorn bag. This token allows customers to turn that bag in for a free refill or a certain amount of money off another purchase. Word will quickly spread among other customers.

For customers who purchase a bag of popcorn in the colors of the team they’re supporting, you’re inviting them to participate in the sporting event in an easy and tasty way, one that’s visually appealing and will get plenty of other people involved.

Use at Several Different Venues

Your custom popcorn bags aren’t limited to a movie theater. 

Movie theaters are a great way to promote your business with popcorn. But these bags can also be stocked at local sporting events, from elementary school events right up to college games.

It’s also fun to serve popcorn at community theater events, such as fundraising movie events or arthouse film festivals. Or consider yearly events like the Academy Awards. For theaters showing films in the running for the Oscars, a customized popcorn bag is a great way to participate in the event while getting your business information in front of a ton of people.

Participating in community events is a fantastic way to represent your business while providing a great service, only limited by your imagination.

Build Brand Awareness

Think about the last time you went to a high school basketball game, and then imagine all those people eating popcorn out of one of your custom-printed bags.

The versatile and customizable nature of popcorn bags makes them a wonderful vessel for representing your business while simultaneously creating brand awareness among a crowd of consumers who are only a step or two away from becoming your next customers.

And if you utilize an idea like a token popcorn bag or a variety of team-matching colors, popcorn consumers are more likely to remember who was behind the fun popcorn bags at the event they just attended.

Non-Food Ideas for Custom Popcorn Bags

You don’t have to use popcorn bags solely for popcorn.

These paper bags are a great resource for a ton of different activities, a way to further promote your business among a group of consumers who are very likely to turn into customers.

Custom Popcorn Bags as Art Supplies

There’s never a shortage of art classes at schools. From storage containers to hand puppets, paper bags are an essential staple of art class closets. And when kids bring their classroom creations home, you’re effectively spreading your business information to parents who may be in the market for your products.

Schools will remember your generous offer to supply popcorn bags for their variety of events and classes as well, which could potentially net you some business with a school. Depending on the environment among the school and parents, you may even find your business is spreading by word of mouth among employees and parents.

Community Events

Popcorn bags also double as bags for products at fundraisers, craft fairs, community events, and dozens of other sales ideas. Your business can even use its own customized popcorn bags for your own products at a craft fair or trade show.

Volunteer custom popcorn bags at community events. Bake sales, community yard sales, even town meetings are all venues in which paper bags can be useful. Presenting your business to individuals is not only helpful in the moment of having one too many purchased brownies from the school’s bake sale, but these bags can also be reused.

Plenty of people tuck away a paper popcorn bag for further use, so you’re effectively putting your business in the homes of many community individuals.

Home Crafts

Lots of blogs exist with instructions on making luminaries and lanterns from paper bags. Your custom-printed popcorn bag is a great resource for these cute crafts, perfect as a large school project or a small afternoon activity.

Your business could even get creative with luminaries by printing appropriate cutting marks and hole punches on your popcorn bags, making the project much easier to complete while giving consumers a glimpse of your business. And since luminaries as so pretty, they tend to stick around for a while. 

If a school or wedding venue uses your printed popcorn bags to make their luminaries, imagine all the eyes that your business information will get in front of.

Custom Popcorn Bags Are Versatile Marketing Materials

Custom popcorn bags make great promotional materials for a variety of reasons.

From sporting events to movies, or school projects to an afternoon of crafting, paper popcorn bags have a variety of uses that allow them to land in the hands of consumers. With the right encouragement, those consumers will convert to customers for your business, all with the investment in a few popcorn bags.

In an age when digital marketing rules the internet, some good old-fashioned promotional materials are still highly appreciated by consumers. And with the versatility of paper popcorn bags and tubs, your creativity and a great company are the only limits to spreading the word of your business.

If you’re convinced, browse our selection of customizable popcorn bags and tubs. We have a fantastic selection of paper popcorn bags available in a variety of colors and styles, as well as customizable tins, tubs, and popcorn gifts.

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