Pediatric Promotional Items to Help Advertise Your Office

Pediatric promotional items can be fun ways to make sure the kids actually enjoy coming to the doctor, and help the parents remember to come back to you. 

We offer a variety of kid-friendly promotional products to choose from. All of these items can be customized with your logo and branding. 

And when kids outgrow the promotional items, parents will likely pass them on to another family. Even when people don’t use them anymore, promotional products are passed along almost 80% of the time. 

Mini Basketballs

These mini basketballs make great promotional products for pediatricians. These are perfect for kids of all ages and can be used anywhere from rolling them around the house to playing on the playground. Sure to make moms happy, these balls come in softer varieties than normal promotional basketballs too. 

Mini Footballs

Like the mini basketballs, these mini footballs are great promotional products for a pediatrician encouraging kids to get outdoors and be active. These small footballs are fun for tossing around inside or playing with in the yard. The mini footballs made of foam are much less likely to break something than a normal football. 

Rubber Ducks 

Looking for a pediatric promo product younger children and infants could enjoy? Try a new spin on the classic rubber duck. We have options ranging from Spa Day Ducky to Western Sheriff Duck Toy. Want to be sure they remember where it came from? Opt for either the Rubber Duck Nurse or the Doctor Ducky. No matter the promotional rubber duck you choose, you’re sure to be their favorite! 

Stuffed Animals

The classic pediatric promotional product — a stuffed animal. These animals come in a variety of styles. You can order different types of animals and change the color of their fur. You also customize the shirt the animal wears to match your branding. These are often a hit and kids will hold onto them for years. 

Imagine if all of your patients took your logo with them to show and tell! Every parent would see that bear when dropping off and picking up their kids. That’s one way to show you care! 

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our blog post on promotional stuffed animals. 

Pediatric Promotional Items

Kid friendly toys are a great way to go if you are looking to promote your pediatrician office. These products are sure to make kids smile and keep parents coming back!

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