Pennants are old-timey spirit items that are not out of style yet

Picture the following scenario – it’s 1920 and the world is in black and white. You’ve gone to a baseball match between teams that don’t wear mitts and have no helmets for when they bat. Men are dressed in suits and ladies have on complicated dresses, and instead of cheering, there’s a lot of polite clapping. Oh, and everyone is waving around a pennant.

Pennants are holdovers from ancient battles and tournaments. People would carry the pennant of the champion or army that they supported, and the pennant of a winner was a sacred object. A lot has changed in the world, but one thing that hasn’t is the power of well-placed pennant to spread awareness and let people know where you stand. That’s why they make such great promotional products.

Promotional pennants aren’t carried around these days, except by crazy people. Instead, they make excellent decorations at home and at work. Their unique shape and interesting color patterns will arouse the curiosity of anyone who views them, and if you bring one to a baseball match or hockey game, you just might borrow the spirit of the 1920s all over again.

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