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We often mention that we have clients in all 50 states. It’s not an expression or something we just say. We LITERALLY mean it. Not only do we have clients in all 50 states, but also in D.C., Canada, and a number of other countries.

Just for fun, we uploaded the locations our current clients to a map. Check out the clickable map below to view the specific locations we currently serve. Simply click on the numbers on the map to drill down deeper to the city levels. We very likely have clients in your hometown.

Can you find your city?

See the full screen map here.

Why does this matter?

  • Identifying Trends – Well, this experience of having clients in all of these locations helps us to stay current with the nationwide (and often worldwide) trends of marketing and promotional products. Often, certain products will become popular on the West Coast or the East Coast, and gradually spread across the country. We can help you beat your competition to these hot trends. Giving away the hottest promotional items is only effective if everyone else in your local area isn’t also doing it.
  • Understanding Your Industry – The same type of advertising doesn’t work for all businesses. Each business vertical has a different set of clients, thus requiring a different approach for reaching the demographics of their potential customers. Our nationwide client list means we have likely already served many clients in the same type of business as you. Right out of the gate, this helps us to already have a much better understanding about what you do as well as ideas how to market to your clients. Therefore, the learning curve to understanding your business is significantly reduced, producing faster and better results.
  • Time Savings – Many promotional products distributors still feel the need to meet face-to-face to take care of your orders. We understand that a majority of our clients don’t have time for that. You are already over-taxed with your daily job duties and can’t squeeze in one more meeting — especially if it can be avoided. Well, this meeting can be avoided. Our goal is to make it EASY for you. Whether you want to order online, contact us through our Live Chat service, or correspond through email, we allow you to control the time based upon YOUR schedule. Of course, for our locals, we will gladly meet face-to-face if that’s what you prefer. We are all about accommodating you for the best possible experience.
  • Experience With Wide Variety of Promotional Products – With a large nationwide list of clients, you can bet we deal with a wide variety of products. This is one of the aspects of our job we love so much. We get to learn about new products all the time. As we converse with our clients, we learn the creative ways they are using their promos to better reach their clients. This experience arms us with valuable knowledge to pass on to our other existing clients and our new clients that come on board.

If you are ready to work with a promotional products firm who is ready to offer creative solutions for your company, we are here to serve you. Our belief is that promotional products are much more than a handout to potential customers. We believe in using them in creative ways to generate a return on your investment. We believe in the power of promotional products.

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