Personalized Matchboxes for Weddings: A Great Idea to Promote Your Brand.

Personalized Matchboxes for Weddings w Perfect Imprints

A matchbox is a small box containing hand-rolled matchsticks to light your cigar or cigarette. They have always been popular with smokers as they allow them to enjoy their favorite pastime. 

Personalized Matchboxes for weddings are the new trend in wedding favor. They are made from wood or plastic and come in several colors, like red, blue, and green.

In this article, you’ll learn why personalized matchboxes are a great addition to weddings.

What Is a Matchbox? 

A matchbox is a small box with a lid that matches the box’s design. You can use them to hold matches and promote your brand as well.

Matchboxes customized with your brand name are a great way to promote and impact the wedding.

Here’s how you can use wedding matchbox to promote your brand:

  • Design matchboxes with a personalized message. 
  • Customize your company logo or slogan on the box.
  • Distribute it among those who need matchboxes. 

It will help people remember your brand when they look at it during the reception. 

This is especially important if you want people to remember this gift after returning home from the wedding ceremony!

Why Should You Personalize Matchboxes for Weddings?

You can use your logo or artwork to personalize the matchboxes. It’s a great way to promote your brand and ensure all guests know about it.

If you are looking for something more creative, why not try using some photos of the bride and groom in their matching outfits? 

It will be a great memory from their wedding day!

4 Reasons Why Personalized Matchboxes Are Excellent for Promotion.

Affordable Products.

You can get a unique style while keeping costs per customized matchbox around 60 cents! And guess what? At Perfect Imprints, you can order bulk matchboxes. Our wedding favor matchboxes are of top quality, even at the lowest prices.

Easy to Pair With Other Items. 

Do you wish to adhere to your personalization objectives while giving a better wedding favor? Pair professionally made matchboxes with gorgeously scented candles.

When the wedding guests use the matches to light their candles at home, your brand will spark in their minds.

What better favor to provide than one that will continue to bring positive thoughts to your guest’s minds long after the wedding has ended?

Easy to Use in Multiple Ways.

Apart from the appealing design of matchboxes, they serve as great products that one may require at weddings. Wedding guests and organizers can use these matchboxes on the event day for several purposes. 

For example, people can use your matchboxes to:

  • Light candles on the cake.
  • Perform fireworks and enjoy the event.
  • Light up their cigars and cigarettes after dinner.


Use as a Decoration Piece.

Personalized matchboxes for weddings are more than just a favor for some of your visitors. 

They are antique! Matchbox collectors may keep dozens, even hundreds, of matchboxes from their visited weddings on display in a big bowl or jar at their house. 

People enjoy their collections of matchboxes. They don’t look at matchboxes but also recall their memories.

Match Boxes: Inexpensive Product to Promote Your Brand.

Matchboxes are inexpensive and easy to personalize, and you can use them in all kinds of creative ways. 

For example, if you’re the bride who wants to keep things simple and elegant but still loves a little flair, matchboxes could be an excellent option for wedding favors!


What Can People Do With Matchboxes?

Believe it or not, custom-made matchboxes are old wedding favors. 

They were initially used as a wedding gift so couples could find their way home by lighting a candle inside the box after their wedding night. 

Some consider these boxes good luck charms, so they often have some meaning. 

Matchboxes are not only used as wedding favors. There are several different types of matchboxes for various purposes. You can find your perfect match depending on your needs.

Wedding matchboxes differ from standard matchboxes in that they come in a wide range of appealing patterns. At Perfect Imprints, we create matchboxes in a genuinely distinctive style. 

Think outside the (match)box by stuffing yours with little candies, glitter, confetti, or anything else that will fit inside each box.



Matchboxes are a great way to promote your brand. We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing it and that it has helped you develop a better idea for your next wedding! Are you excited to promote your brand through personalized matchboxes for weddings? If yes, our team at Perfect Imprints can help you! Order your favorite wedding matchboxes in bulk and enjoy your marketing.

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