Pom poms turn every fan in a stadium into a cheerleader for the home team

Pom Poms

The idea to have professional cheerleaders who excite the crowd and help them to find their enthusiasm is a good one, but it has certain limitations. While cheerleaders can accomplish impressive feats of acrobatics and have memorized some very interesting cheers, at the end of the day they are only a few dozen in the face of the opposing team’s fans.

One way to rectify this is by transforming every single fan of the home team into a cheerleader. Thundersticks, megaphones and other spirit items are perfect for this task, but one of the best ways to make the transformation literal is by putting pom poms in the hands of the faithful. When made to order in the home team’s colors and offered freely before the start of a football match or basketball game, enthusiasts become a sea of undulating intimidation.

Spirit items not only help embolden the home athletes – they give a resounding measure of thanks to the die-hard supporters who come to every game and want nothing more than to see their team win. No matter what sport a school, university or organization specializes in, spirit items such as promotional pom poms will be welcome by fans, coaches, players, managers and anyone else with a stake in the home team’s victory.

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