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Practically Perfect: All the Reasons Your Clients Would Love Custom Fanny Packs

With so many freebies and promotional giveaway items out there, you want your company’s items to stand out from the rest.

Everyone loves branded items like a mug or a pen. But what can you give your team or use to promote your business that is unique?

The fanny pack.

Yes! Fanny packs are back. Or did they ever leave?

Celebrities wear them as the latest fashion trends. And did you know: fanny packs made an appearance on recent fashion runways.

But not only are they on-trend, but fanny packs are also useful. And they’re memorable–in a good way.

With enough creativity, your event’s custom fanny pack could go viral. And it’s a sure sign of success when you see group photos on Facebook of people wearing the packs they got at your event.

If you’re thinking of something cool or different to give away for your next event, let’s look at all the reasons why considering a custom fanny pack is your best option.

What is a Fanny Pack?

If you didn’t grow up in the 80s and 90s, you might not know about fanny packs. Here’s a little fanny pack history.

The Original Packs

These packs were everywhere, yet they were also the target of ridicule. Not a purse, not a backpack, the fanny pack clipped around your waist to carry everyday items.

Some packs could also clip to your belt for maximum security. While a thief can pull a purse off your shoulder, a fanny pack clipped to your belt is more secure.

When it first debuted, the fanny pack seemed most popular with parents and tourists. It holds essential items, like keys, lip balm, and wallets while leaving your hands free to grab kids or take photos while on vacation.

There was no clear “correct” way to wear it. It wasn’t cool having it hang in the front. Nor was it cool hanging over your “fanny” in the back.

Despite its usefulness, the fanny pack found fame more as a fashion “don’t” than a fashion “do.”

Oh, how times have changed. And the many ways to wear or use a fanny pack have changed, too.

The Fanny Pack of Today

Jump to 2018 and the fanny pack makes a comeback–both in function and in fashion.

As a customizable promotional item, the fanny pack is gaining popularity. And it’s come a long way since the cheaply-made trinkets you might think of for a fanny pack promo item.

It’s also back as an acceptable clothing accessory–and not just with moms and nerds. Teens, young adults, and people of all ages and social status wear today’s fanny packs.

You’ll see fanny packs everywhere from the business world to the hiking trail. There’s a fanny pack design for any need.

In the world of customized promotional marketing, if you’re not on board with the fanny pack trend for advertising your business, it’s time to hop on.

Think Functional

To make an impression, think functional when choosing your promotional giveaway.

Silly is good. But an item that provides major benefits is better.

While it might be a little outside the box, you’ll be ahead of the “cool” game when you choose a fanny pack for your event.

It’s trendy. It’s a hot topic. And it’s functional.

Nothing impresses event attendees more than receiving something that’s useful for “free” at an event. A fanny pack is useful during the event, and after.

From RFID blocking material to pockets designed for cell phones, the fanny pack as a freebie will have your attendees wondering what more you can do for them as a business partner.

Useful When Needed Most

Think about the last event or conference you attended.

Were your hands full of handouts and freebies? Did you even use that canvas tote bag they gave you at check-in? When you needed a pen, did you have to search for it?

There are a variety of effective canvas tote bags or drawstring backpack for any event. But these are common promotional items. Chances are, you’ve used them before or your attendees have a closet full of them from other events.

A fanny pack stands out as something different. It also keeps your attendees’ hands-free to mingle and shake hands. And with a fanny pack, pens and essentials are close by and easy to find.

At a trade show, you want visitors to interact, pick up products, take notes, and exchange contact information.

If you’ve provided fanny packs, your attendees will appreciate not worrying about where they set their bag down each time they need a free hand.

They keep their stuff with them while they participate in the event. Nothing gets lost in a sea of canvas bags that look the same.

Cutting Edge Fashion

Depending on the design you choose, a fanny pack can be a sought-after custom promotional product that defines your company.

You want your giveaway to be noticeable. And your fanny pack as a custom giveaway should also be something people want or enjoy.

Today’s fanny packs work with almost any outfit. Even a suit.

Choose colors that represent your company, yet don’t turn people off from using it during the event and after they’ve returned home. A nice black pack with your logo is a solid choice for a fanny pack giveaway.

Or get creative with a pattern or style that shows off your company’s personality.

Pick a size that holds enough to make it useful, yet not so much that it’s unwieldy.

And with today’s fashion trends, you’re not restricted to wearing a fanny pack around the waist. It’s not the gaudy, nerdy, brightly-colored accessory from decades ago.

Men might prefer it over the shoulder like a messenger bag. Women might wear it like a purse. It’s still called a “fanny” pack, but you’re not restricted to wearing it there!

The versatility of fanny packs makes them one of the best promotional items for your event.

Promote Team Spirit

We can always use more team spirit. Sometimes a gift or prize helps improve morale and bring people together.

Whether it’s a sports team, a sorority, a department at your office, your favorite cause, or a sales company–team spirit and camaraderie boosts everything.

Say it with a fanny pack! Personalize packs for a sorority or team with each person’s name.

Does your daughter’s dance team need a handy way to keep up with makeup, lipstick, hair clips, and bows? Make a team fanny pack part of the uniform and everyone has a place for their accessories.

Celebrate a milestone with your sales team with a fanny pack that helps on sales calls. It’s a great way to carry business cards and important items without rolling a briefcase or carrying a heavy shoulder bag.

Or honor your best nonprofit donors with a fanny pack that represents your company. Give them away as a gift at a fundraising event.

No matter your team or group, the fanny pack is something everyone can get “behind.”

Affordable and Effective

Not only are fanny packs an effective giveaway item, but they are also affordable.

You can spend a lot of money on customized promotional items. But depending on your event or occasion, there’s not always a need to spend a lot on a branded item that people will remember.

Your per-fanny-pack cost goes down when buying a higher quantity. And you don’t need to skimp on options or design to get a price point between $3-$10 per pack.

Plus, fanny packs are tailored to your event.

For example, everyone has a t-shirt from last year’s 5k fundraiser. This year, instead of giving away another t-shirt that sits in a drawer, make it more interesting. Give a sponsored fanny pack with a water bottle holder attachment.

Your runners will enjoy using the fanny pack to carry water on their waist. And they’ll tell others about the unique giveaway.

Comfortable and Convenient

It might seem odd, but a fanny pack is comfortable to wear.

Even when loaded to the max with everything you need for the day or a hike, a fanny pack sits easily on your hips.

Ladies, compare that to an overloaded purse or another over the should bag. And men, think about the bulk in your pockets from wallets, keys, your phone, and other things you carry with you throughout the day.

The fanny pack contains everything on your hip.

And it’s convenient. Easily reach anything in your pack without bending over, setting down a purse, or digging through multiple pants pockets.

These type of convenient features translate into the message you want your customers to receive about your company–useful, dependable, convenient.

Schools, support your teachers with a personalized fanny pack each year. Teachers need free hands to point, write and gain the attention of students.

When wearing a fanny pack, your teachers are more effective in the classroom. They have anything they need at their fingertips without taking their eyes off of the kids.

Get creative and clever. Solve a problem for your customers or event attendees with a fanny pack that demonstrates why they need you.

It’s Not Luggage

This might be one of the best fanny pack perks: when flying, airlines do not consider fanny packs as luggage.

Those promotional canvas totes you get at events can’t compare to the long-term effect of a promotional fanny pack that flies home with attendees.

You leave most conferences with more stuff than you came with–products, information, and giveaways that don’t fit in your luggage.

Canvas bags, pens, and other freemiums get left behind in hotel rooms and trash cans after events. They don’t fit in a suitcase, and a canvas tote bag full of stuff counts as a carry-on luggage item.

But if your clients know the fanny pack can walk on a plane around their waist without counting as a carry-on, they’re more likely to take it with them. Fill the fanny pack with a few smaller carry-on items and make room in your roller bag for other items.

Nothing gets left behind! And you stay on their mind as a helpful company long after the excitement of your conference or fundraiser is over.

Plus it’s a better longterm investment than more common promotional items. The money you spend on a customized fanny pack isn’t left behind in the trash.

Add More Value

Don’t stop with just a fanny pack. Pack the pack.

If you really want to make your attendees’ or group’s experience as memorable as possible, add other customized items to their fanny pack.

Spoil them with useful items:

  • For conference attendees: add a pen, lip balm, hand sanitizer, small notepad, and their conference lanyard
  • For your teachers or school fundraiser: add pens, pencils, squeeze stress relievers, hand sanitizer, and a koozie (for after school, of course)
  • For your 5k runners: add an exercise band, a foldable water bottle, sunscreen, and a pedometer
  • For your team at work: add sticky notes, a pen set, a squeeze stress reliever, and a USB flash drive
  • For your sorority: add socks, a stadium cup, a personal protection whistle, and a phone stand (for those sorority selfies)

Custom Fanny Packs Win the Giveaway Game

No matter the excuse, the occasion, or the event, custom fanny packs win the game for the best, on-trend giveaways. You’ll be the talk of the trade show with this unique, clever, and affordable promotional item.

Fanny packs are the perfect promo item for your sports team, company, conference, or school event. And if you’re having a school fundraiser, we offer a full line of customized products to help boost your event.

We believe that promotional items should be an investment, not an expense for your company or group. You should see a return from your customized items with new clients and more exposure.

Let us help you choose the right products and customization to help grow your business. We’re excited to work with you! We ship anywhere in the United States and to Canada.

Contact us and let’s get started on the best branded promotional items for you.

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