ABC, Easy as 123: Preparing your Company With Back to School and Office Promotional Items

school and office promotional items

Like the song says, “summer lovin’ happened so fast,” your company is already gearing up for another fall semester just when it seems that summer is here to stay. Alongside your company preparations, your employees and their families are saying goodbye to summer nights and hello to school nights. While your employees will be preparing their families for this season, your company needs to be doing the same. We at Perfect Imprints have compiled a great list of promotional marketing products that your company needs to have on deck for returning employees, as well as practical promotional items to have for the back-to-school season.  


There is nothing quite like beginning a new semester with a fresh, crisp, blank notebook. These empty pages scream for ideas, notes, and work to fill every inch of them. Notebooks are the perfect promotional item to have on hand during this season because as employees return to work, it gives them a handy utensil to add to their collection. As they return to meetings, brainstorming sessions and a scheduling notebook in their hand allow them to take full advantage of making notes, reminders, and ideas. In twofold, should employees share these items with their families, or should consumers take these items home, your company now has extra flashes of their logo around the community for others to see. 

Pencil Pouches:

No one likes to return to the office after relaxing summer vacations and time off to a messy desk overrun with loose pens, pencils, and erasers. Pencil pouches are another perfect promotional item to have on hand when your employees return because they will help keep their desks clean and organized. Cleaner desks will allow employees to have a space where they can feel calm and collected while they go about their daily tasks. In a similar vein as notebooks, pencil pouches also offer a large enough section for your company to share its logo or an image that represents the brand all throughout the community as they begin to circulate. 

Sticky Notes:

Our final promotional marketing item is a classic and staple of every workplace; we’re also featuring this item as a reminder to stock up on the product now before it’s too late. Sticky notes are the perfect back-to-the-office and school product because every five minutes someone will need one, and just as soon as a fresh stack is started, they’ve disappeared. It is important to, also, have your company brand across your business, and sticky notes offer another opportunity to have your brand displayed. 

In closing, we hope you are excited for this season to begin once again and we are here to remind you that the Perfect Imprints team is here to assist with any questions or projects you might have.    

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