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Promo Serendipity - Promotional Products

Wikipedia defines serendipity as a “fortunate happenstance” or a “pleasant surprise.”

Promo serendipity is defined as, “a pleasant discovery of a new company from seeing their imprint on promotional products which were not given directly to you.”

For instance, you get a haircut, and once finished you pay by credit card. You are handed a promotional pen to use to sign the receipt and that pen has the name and logo of a local tree service. It just so happens that you need a tree to be removed from your backyard so you can have a swimming pool installed. You note the name of the tree service and call to schedule an estimate to have your tree cut down.

This is an example of promo serendipity.

You had never heard of the tree service. The tree service didn’t know you. They didn’t give you the pen. You may have never known this company existed before your haircut that day. But now, through promo serendipity, you have requested services from this company because you saw their promotional product.

Promo serendipity is a win-win. Both the buyer and the seller win.

This is just a byproduct of the primary powers of promotional products.

Typically, when used strategically, promotional products help increase customer loyalty, strengthen brand awareness, and engage clients. What seems like random luck of acquiring new clients is really just one of the many ways that promotional products work for your company.

As you plan your marketing campaigns and budget, make sure you plan to use promotional items that are useful. The more useful the item, the more likely it will be used and passed around. Accordingly, the more the product is used, the more impressions that item receives.

Impressions are simply defined as the number of times your advertising message on the products is seen by anyone around that product. The more they are seen; the higher the possibility of promo serendipity. Additionally, the more the products are used, the stronger bond that person develops with your company.

Therefore, don’t be stingy when giving out your promos. Be generous. If you feel you are suffering from Hoard Marketing Syndrome, be sure to take the necessary steps to rid yourself of this dreadful condition. The good news is this condition can be easily cured.

I wish you much promo serendipity, but with a little strategy, you can make it happen over and over again. Promotional products work!

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