PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints – Bicycle Safety LED Light

PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints - Bicycle LED Safety Light

NOTE: After a little hiatus, we have regrouped to start posting our PromoDoodles again. Our graphic designers just can’t stop doodling. It’s in their nature. They have too many creative thoughts in their head and this is one of many ways they manifest.

What are PromoDoodles? They are hand-drawn sketches by our graphic designers which include promotional items being used in non-conventional ways. Today’s featured product is this great LED Bicycle Safety Light.

Promoting Bicycle Safety

With the recent change in time for Daylight Savings Time, it’s getting dark much earlier in the evening, which is why we are eager to promote this bike safety light. Staying visible at dusk and at night is critical to staying safe while biking. Your first thought may be about kids on bicycles, however, don’t discount the importance of bicycle safety lights for adults who ride bikes. In fact, did you know that the average age of bicyclers who were killed in 2016 was 46?

The most common time for accidents is during the winter from 6 PM to 8:59 PM, which is why bike lights are so important. Both of the previous statistics are from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Your company doesn’t need to have anything to do with bicycles to launch a cause marketing campaign to promote nighttime safety. Giving out these safety lights is a great way to promote your company while at the same time promoting a great cause. This shows your company cares while at the same time helping to keep bicycle¬†safety top of mind. How many lives might you save by giving out these lights?

Bike Safety Month

Any time of the year is a great time to promote bike safety, but if you want a specific event to get behind, the month of May is Bike Safety Month. Supporting safety observances such as this will help your marketing campaigns get more momentum since other safety campaigns will be happening at the same time. The more of us who promote bicycle safety, the more likely we’ll get through to people and save lives.

Are you a sponsor of a cycling event? If so, these bicycle safety lights are perfect giveaways.

Features of LED Bicycle Safety Light

  • Easily wraps around handlebars, seat posts, or bike frame.
  • 3 LED settings.
  • Batteries included.
  • Blue, red, or green silicone casing colors.
  • Your logo printed on the top of the casing (5/8″ W x 5/8″ H)
  • 3-week production time.

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