PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints – Lightsaber Thundersticks

For the first time in Star Wars history, Rogue One has no scenes with lightsabers. In honor of these beloved, highly lethal weapons, our PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints features lightsaber thundersticks. In this PromoDoodle, the two non-Jedi warriors duke it out with make-shift lightsabers.

PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints - Lightsaber Thundersticks

You see, there are other uses for thunderstix other than stadium noisemakers. Beat your friends with them. Use them to smack your siblings. Pop your co-workers across the back of their head with them. These multi-use promotional items are loads of fun!

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If you are looking for other school spirit items for your teams, click here. Other team spirit items such as custom basketballspom poms, and stadium seat cushions are also great items to promote your team and raise money by selling the items at your booster club store.

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