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Thundersticks Buying Guide for SchoolsAs the school year winds down, students are thinking about much needed freedom and rest from the over-testing that takes place at schools. However, the faculty that oversees the sports programs are busy planning for next season. They are working on game scheduling and thinking about team fundraisers. By planning early, team managers and coaches can enjoy more of their summer break before the new sports seasons begin.

School spirit items have become a huge part of fundraising for sports teams. Whether football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or volleyball, raising money to fund new uniforms, equipment, and travel expenses is a must due to the continual budget cuts for sports programs. 

Some of the most popular spirit items for the stadium include stadium noisemakers. These noisemakers come in many different forms and are great to keep the fans cheering loudly. By far, the most popular noisemakers are thundersticks.

Thundersticks are inflatable tubes that are banged together to make a booming noise. Obviously, it takes a pair for them to work. There are many different varieties from which to choose, but they are all beloved cheering items and great to sell as fundraisers while at the game. When hundreds or thousands of fans are banging their thunderstix together at the same time, the noise is impressive, to say the least.

Below are a few of the most popular thundersticks to sell at your next game.

Top Selling Thundersticks

BamBams thundersticks noisemakers


If you want one-time use thundersticks at the lowest possible cost, BamBams are a great option. Choose between the 3 Week Production or, to save the most money, the 9 Week Production option. The sticks start off white and can be printed in any PMS color of your choice to match your school or team colors. These are great when color matching is critical. You just have to plan ahead well in advance since they are produced overseas. To inflate these thundersticks, simply blow into the opening until fully inflated, then seal using the self-seal tab.

Reusable Thundersticks

Reusable Thundersticks

If you are selling team merchandise and you prefer your fans be able to take their thundersticks home after the game for future use, you have to go with these reusable thundersticks. These are the only choice if you want a non-disposable option. These are printed in the USA, so they can typically be produced very quickly. In most cases, a 2-day rush production option is available, making these great choices when you find out your team is advancing to the playoffs or a championship game. These have several stock colors from which to choose, so you can likely find a color that matches your team colors.

LED Light-Up BamBamsLED BamBams

Here’s a cool twist to the traditional thundersticks. These BamBams have LED bulbs inside to light up, making these great choices for night games or dark arenas. Many teams will host a blackout session at their game to promote sales of LED thundersticks. This gives the crowd a fun time to look forward to during the game when they get to waive their light up thundersticks in the dark and cheer on their favorite team. Choose from the 3 Week Production or the 9 Week Production time.

You can check out all of the thundersticks here. Many other styles are available such as metallic finish, mini thundersticks, full color BamBams, BamBams, and even thundersticks with poms poms on the top!

In order to make the most money when selling your school spirit items, be sure to order early for the most cost savings!

Below are a couple of pictures shared by a few of our customers who bought thundersticks in the past.

Thundersticks at a Football Game
The thundersticks pictured were at a championship football game.
Thundersticks Used at a Sales Meeting
In this photo, thundersticks were used at a sales meeting to generate more energy!

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