Promos with the P! Guys - Custom Plastic Buckets

Promos With the P! Guys – Episode 1 – Custom Plastic Buckets

Each Monday on Promos With the P! Guys, we focus on specific promotional items and reveal creative and, often,  non-traditional ways to use these items to promote and grow your business.

This is the first episode in this ongoing series. I promise it will get better as we continue on this new venture of video and get more comfortable in front of the camera.

On this episode, we talk about plastic buckets which are perfect to use as offering buckets for churches, beer buckets for bars and restaurants, and a few more creative uses (watch the video to see them).

Promos With the P! Guys - Episode 1

Plastic Beer Buckets

Plastic Beer Buckets

When you are ready to begin selling more than one beer a time, it’s time to consider custom beer buckets so you can sell buckets of beer. This not only will help increase your beer sales, but also it significantly reduces the strain on your wait staff and bartenders. These plastic beer buckets are incredibly sturdy and printed on both sides with your logo. These beer buckets hold 5 bottles of beer with ice. Your beer distributor is going to love you because you will start selling more beer. As a way of offsetting the cost of the buckets, you can check with your beverage distributor about a co-op program. Often, they will pay for some or all of the cost if their logo is also included on the buckets. You can print your bar logo on one side and the distributing company or specific beer brand logo on the other side.

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