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Promos With the P! Guys – Episode 21 – Epex Backpacks

It may not be Great Outdoors Month anymore, but we feel like every month is outdoors month. There are so many beautiful areas of the United States to explore that you’ll never run out of beautiful and interesting places to enjoy the outdoors. These two custom backpacks are from the brand new Epex line of promotional items which are specifically made for adventure and exploring the outdoors. Whether hiking, biking, camping, fishing, or exploring, these backpacks are great to give away to your top outdoor-loving clients!

Promos With the P! Guys Episode 21

Tune in next week as we introduce more promos from the Epex line!

Featured Backpacks:

Precipice Trail Backpack

Black Mountain Backpack

You can see all of our promotional backpacks here.

All of our Epex items can be found here.

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